Thursday, October 21, 2010

All about Baby...

I was thinking about Baby—now that she is so close to one year old—and how I am able to document all her little accomplishments for the world to see how a girl with Fragile X Syndrome can/will develop. We started at day one and have let you know her ups and downs, delays and her achievements.

I haven't focused just on her for a bit so this post is all about her.

She has started crawling quite bit. She will take 6 or 7  moves on all fours and then she gets excited and begins flapping around on her belly like a sea lion. It is quite entertaining. So, I think she can do it but maybe doesn't quite have the muscle tone for it. That is one thing about FXS kids—they have low muscle tone which can cause the delays in speech and gross motor development. So, it is hard to tell if she is worn out or just likes the combat crawl instead. I haven't been able to get a good bout of her crawling on video yet because she does the sea lion thing when she sees the camera out but, I did get a really funny clip of her moving...

This was so funny and I am so glad she did it for the camera. I was cooking while she was in her high chair and hadn't realized how far she was moving... ha ha ha!

Now that you have had a good laugh... here are some more stats and some more really cute pics.

- I can do her hair now! She has enough of it that I can actually do something kinda fancy. Hee hee!
- loves to make us laugh.
- eats table food pretty well now
- takes a sippy cup instead of a bottle
- combat crawls around enough that I actually have to keep an eye on her now
- makes the sounds "d", "b" and "o"
- bangs two toys/objects together
- shows a desire to try to pull herself up on things
- bears weight on her legs when I prop her to standing position and can hold her own weight for a couple of seconds
- still has no teeth (yay for me, no brushing little teeth yet)
- points with her index finger
- can pick small objects up in a pincer grasp (thumb and finger)
- feeds herself small food like dry cereal
- can hold a cup and sometimes get it to her mouth (smile)

- crawling more consistently
- holding a cup by herself and drink successfully from the cup
- standing
- cruising along furniture
- going from sitting to crawling position
- going from crawling to sitting position
- making more sounds
- looking at someone when we say their name, like if we say "Daddy" she looks at him, etc.
- immitating sounds we say

And now for all the pictures!
Soon to be 1 year! Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!

3 remarks:

Bonnie said...

Oh, what a little're killing me! She makes me want another baby. You are very blessed!

Suzy said...

How do you get her to sit still enough for you to do those intricate hairstyles? I can only get my little one to hang on and scream long enough for two tiny, crazy pony tails! You've got the touch!

Aaron said...

We love the video:) She's so cute!