Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The REAL Annual Family Halloween Party and Another Campy Horse Ride

Boy, this was a night to remember!

First off, Marc and Brother were going on another camp and horse ride adventure so I was helping Marc get things together for that. They left. (Brother was so excited he couldn't wait inside—he had to wait outside while standing on the horse trailer or sitting in the suburban.)

Then 18 showed up for me to do her hair as Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Her and her boyfriend were excited to come to my family's Halloween party and show off the costumes they had put together. Grandma Lynne fixed up a thrift store find for 18's dress and my mom had a cool jacket for 18's prince to wear.

Anyway, I was so excited for it to be like old times where I was doing her hair and make-up.

It wasn't like old times.

I don't know how to explain it, it's really different.

But, we both had fun regardless and she looked fantastic when we completed.

18 left.

So now it was me and two little girls to get costumed and ready to go to the Halloween Party!


Note to self:
Don't wait until last minute to do your costume and two little girls who don't want to dress up...

Anyway, I finally convinced Sister that it would be fun for her and Baby to be pink princesses. She was so excited after I got Baby all dressed up that she practically leaped into her costume.

Another note to self:
Think of these wonderful ideas BEFORE the tantrums start...

Since Marc and Brother were off camping for the night I figured it would be fun to sleep at my mom's! Yay! Sleepover!!!

So once we were all dressed I had to pack:
changes of clothes
hair stuff
baby toys
Sister's blanket

And along with all that I had to bring:
My dutch oven "Western Hemisphere" dish for potluck
my huge five-gallon water jug (for Jane's family famous green punch)
and the candy to share for the candy hunt

After about 7 trips to the car to pack everything in, drive down to my mom's I was fashionably 20 minutes late... I was very proud of myself.

I had invited 13 to come too. I figured that he would be riding along with 18 but, I guess not... he was there before I even got there and 18 and her prince came later.

While it was still light I wanted to get shots of all of us.

I thought it would be fun to get pictures together like "old times." But, again, it wasn't the same. Oh well, I tried. We got some "separate" ones too.
 13 is a Ninja Star. His mom made his costume... clever huh! Cute!

And yes, because EVERYONE asked me, that is my real hair. I ratted it and then smoothed it over the rats nest... voila! It was awesome when I would bob it from side to side... sheesh!

And I have to show you the back of 18's hair so you can see I did it just like Belle's
OK, so that picture doesn't really show it, but, I tried.

Here are some more pictures of the hay ride, and other costumes...

 Is that Tyler or Tara? I can't tell...
Zzzzzzzzzzzzoooooorrrrrrroooo... or is that Antonio Banderes with my Aunt Aleesa!

Aaron is the pumpkin grower and Chelsea is the growing pumpkin... tee hee.

 Yes, I had to put the crown on....

K.. seriously LittleB... that is one of the funniest things I saw the whole night!

And I LOVED Jman's glasses and check out MrT... he has a mullet and a mustache with a knight's helmet on!! Bwa haa ha!!!

 Joel really went all out on his costume this year... oh, never mind... that is a fun backdrop my mom bought at a yard sale for the occasion.

Uncle Slade

Sister wanted her face painted because LittleB had her face painted.

Ya, that's my mom.... pppfffth! She is so hilarious, every year!!!

The Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter... who knew they would make such a cute couple... Kirsten made the hat out of paper and the hair is some stuff she got at the dollar store... creative!

Since we had to change the date because of the weather, Daniel was able to be there! He even helped with the candy (look how excited he is to take the instructions...). My aunt Jane sure knew what she was doing when it came to stuffing 90 bags to hide in the corn... and we still ran out of bags, we ended up needing 97!
Funny story: 13 found a bag of candy. There was a little girl who couldn't find hers (I don't know how little—she could have been 12 for all I know, but "little" makes the story funnier) So, 13 told her that she could have his candy bag, but, only if he found another one for himself.... he didn't find one. So he went and got his back from the girl... tee hee. What a gentleman. (smile)
This is some of the candy that went into the bag... mmmm ?????

This is my hair after I took it down... it looks like I am leaning but that is my hair, actually standing sideways out the back of my head... 

Anyways, this is where we just all got to that tired funny part of the night. There were a few who stayed until midnight and we watched homemade movies and laughed and scared eachother... ah the fun. We got really goofy and had Kirsten doing some of her antics. My girls were asleep and I was having the time of my life.

Then, at 2am, they woke up... it was a very long night... we even wore my mom out.

But, all while I was having fun at the Halloween party, Marc and Brother were having some great father-son time.
Brother was trying to show how flexible he was when he was trying to avoid the camera...

Marc is attempting to get a picture of them together... close.


I promise, he was having a GREAT time, he is just a little cold here... That's the palamino in the background, Socks, that he got to ride. He was so excited!

One of Brother's favorite movies "Cowboys" with John Wayne. So nice of our friends to let us borrow their cooler to use for a TV stand...

ready for bed


tent... what? I was naming everything... so I thought I should tell you what this was too.

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