Sunday, October 17, 2010


No pictures.

Just words.

Funny ones.

Today was such a sweet experience at church and what clutched the moment for me was when this little 3-year-old girl got up and sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" with her brother and sister. Oh my, her voice was adorable and she had no fear. She would grab the microphone if the older sister tried to move it a bit. Oh, she sang with all her heart and my cheeks hurt from grinning. Seriously, it should be recorded! So cute! And Brother and Sister, who were restless the whole time because I had them there on my own, (because Marc was sick (I know crazy that I went with them alone and unarmed)) were mesmerized when this little angel sang...

Yesterday, Marc and I were working on our new garden spot, so there is this nice square of bare dirt in the back yard that Brother and Sister were having a ball playing in. You know, the typical stuff: digging, mud puddles, digging, kicking dirt, digging, playing horses, scooping, digging and dirt angels.

Dirt angels?

Yes. Dirt angels?

That's right. Like snow angels but in the dirt.

Now this is not like some one getting creative in the sand at the beach...

This is dirty dirt.

And Sister was laying in it and making dirt angels. Dust flying all around and her happy face dusted in grit. Her blond hair now "sandy" blond (pun intended).

I so wish I had a picture but, I don't. It was one of those I-forgot-to-grab-the-camera moments.

Which reminds me. This morning as we were getting ready for church I was inspecting the place for any loose markers... (check previous post) and I discovered that Brother had written his name on the table top in nice, big, red letters—his full name, mind you. And, Sister, not wanting to be left out, wrote her name and some lovely lines all over the screen of my old iMac computer AND keyboard... (The magic eraser cleaned it all up quite well)

I can't post a picture because it was their names, but, just know that if they weren't such sweet angels, I don't think I would be able to blog about it. (smile)

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Mariah said...

Oh, oh, LOVE those Magic Erasers! And I agree that the song in church WAS toooo cute!