Thursday, September 30, 2010

Floridian Halloween Party!

My mom has a closet stuffed (literally, stuffed) full of Halloween costumes. It's awesome come Halloween time!

"But, it's not Halloween!" you exclaim.

Well, my brother and his wife are here for a week and we wanted them to have part in our Annual Family Halloween Party before they had to leave.

Here's some of the fun:

We had a hotdog roast, sloppy joes, dutch oven and all kinds of other great food. And, hey, look, see the girl on the bottom right wearing teal with a black shirt underneath? Ya, that's 18. She actually came to a family thing for my side of the family. 13 came too. I was so excited. They didn't move out until after Daniel and Tynelle left so for Daniel and Tynelle it was just like "old times."

Here is 13 showing us how he rides his unicycle! Aaron was there for support! (smile)

Here are Jessie and Aaron getting the candy ready for the bags... I can't tell if Jessie is repulsed by all the candy or just doesn't know if she is supposed to be in the photo... Tee hee!

The kids had a ball and even dressed up for the candy hunt in my Uncle Jeff's corn field. Even some of the adults got in on  the action.

 Brother was embarrassed to have his picture taken in his "super hero" costume so I had to try to chase him down and sneak some pictures.

Because I kept trying to take pictures he finally turned his costume over to Chelsea... now that was funny (sorry Chels, it's just too cute not to post...) Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it yet—she's pregnant!

Man, my family is so funny!

To make up for her goofy picture here is a sweet snap of her and my Bro
Isn't that corn field beautiful?!
Here we are listening to grandma give the candy hunt rules...
Oh, ya, more embarrassing pictures...
My aunt and new uncle????
Ya, it's them...
And here is Marc and Baby... everyone together... aaaww!

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

who wouldn't want to be a part of your family after all those fun pictures!!! I'm jealous :)

I read your blog all the time, but I don't usually comment because I'm at the computer one handed (holding baby in the other arm). Anyway, I have a question that I think you can answer... I want to get a dutch oven but not spend a lot- does it make a difference to buy a nice, expensive one? It seems like you know a lot about cooking in a dutch oven so if you can give me any tips on buying one I'd totally appreciate it! Thanks! love, amber

Rachael said...

It really doesn't matter what kind of dutch oven you get. The key is to season it right the first time, use it often and make sure to NOT wash it with soap. The more you use a dutch oven the better it works each time.