Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pictures I haven't posted yet

in random order and random occurences...

My mom really loves to get Brother new horses—even though he has too many.

Sister was having fun at my aunt's house playing with the cat toys.

Our little neighbor boy was having a little PEZ stand and Brother and Sister wanted to participate.

Sister loves Blue (the color and the horse)

Gymnastics for Sister and Brother was one of the best things we ever did.

Marc and my uncle Jeff chatting on my parents porch

Love the relationship my dad with my kids...

Have you heard any of the dumb Chuck Norris jokes—I saw this in the high school parking lot and just had to take a picture.

Speaking of Chuck Norris... 
my husband is hot even when mixing home-made ice cream.

Sister really was excited about the new Wiggles video that my mom got for her.

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Lisa said...

Speaking of Chuck!!? That was FuNnY!!... my husband secretly wants to be him.

Loved the family photos.

Don't worry, even though we missed the Scout Auction, I still know the church is true!