Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Campy Horseride

These pictures are priceless to me.


Marc was able to take his son on a one on one campout and horse ride.

Brother had a ball (don't let the shyness around the camera fool you—he had the time of his life).

Brother and Marc get to go again this weekend, and because Brother had so much fun he is just counting down the days!

The picture above is actually of Brother with Marc's friend, Layne, whom they went up with. And the guy in the background is actually the camp host from our previous family campout—he's Layne's friend, who got them the great spot at the campground... go figure. Brother thought that the hamburgers they cooked up there were a much better choice than the hotdogs I sent him and Marc with...

This picture is fuzzy, but I still love it—they are overlooking the valley at sunrise
Typical eye aversion, but, boy, isn't the scenery beautiful?

I love Brother!

His horse's name was Ace—one of Layne's horses—Marc rode Blue.

My handsome boys! Beautiful country!
Here's a short clip (and he really is having a great time!)...

Brother and Marc go camping and on a horse ride

2 remarks:

Mariah said...

"Typical eye aversion" Fragile x thing? I guess I never realized that but come to think of it, that is how brother interacts, isn't it.

Joel and Jessie said...

I love it! How fun that they get to go again!