Thursday, September 9, 2010

..and it ended with pie and Fablehaven


My father-in-law came and vaccumed and cleaned my front room carpet and floor today. (Well, actually he tried to clean the floor but, the carpet cleaner broke--so it was fun watching him get soapy water from a big metal bowl onto a mop and squeeze it out onto the floor so that he could then "vaccuum" it up with the non-working carpet cleaner. He is a very dedicated man...) Thanks Gary (smile)

My sister came by for a quick hello.

My dad showed up with a dutch oven lid lifter that he made for me. He is an amazing blacksmith! Ah, shoot, I didn't get a picture of that... to come soon...

A friend of mine came within seconds of me calling to watch Baby for a few minutes while I helped someone with their new MAC computer.

Then my mother-in-law came and did my laundry, cleaned my counters, did my dishes and helped watch Baby all just because. (I know she is such a sweetheart. Someone who came to the house while I was cleaning asked if I paid her for her work... tee hee) Thanks Lynne

Then after dinner, fighting to get my kids to eat dinner, a really hectic bout of homework, swinging in the living room to lessen hyper-arousal, singing and playing giant to calm tantrums a knock came to my door.

A friend with a pie... yes, a homemade, warm, apple pie. There was almost half of it left and she giggled that she was bringing it to me but knew I would like it anyway. Well, we talked for a few minutes and as soon as I heard her van door close I ran into the kitchen and snarfed a couple of bites....  oh... oh... you have got to be kidding me! Yummmmmmmm.... hmm... just one more bite. Then I saw my camera sitting there. I had to take a picture of this moment.

Me eating a lot of pie by myself.

Here is the pie after I had 3 bites out of it.

Here's me eating my 4th bite.

And here is what is left sitting on the counter.

Look closely at the plate.

It says "NO RETURN"

Boy, you can say that again. My exercise doesn't even matter after that splurge of divine dessert! (big grin)

(For my husband: don't worry sweety I left some for you)


Then I went and read Fablehaven (the second in the series) to Brother while he drifted off to slumber land.

Is it bad that I am so dedicated at reading to him mostly because I, myself, LOVE the book?


2 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

I have a 36lb box of apples coming tomorrow looks like I will be making me some warm apple pie!

Rochelle said...

You are so good at blogging, I need to take lessons from you!!