Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Lessons on Caterpillar Corn

My mom got us some corn yesterday FOR FREEEEEEEE!

I was so excited! I love corn. We all love corn. We have found out this new and easy way to cook corn. You don't have to shuck it or anything! You just throw it on the grill, husks and all... mmmm.

Lesson #1: When grilling corn in husks always check for caterpillars in the corn. They don't cook well...

Later that evening I was scrubbing my carrots from the garden and I was dropping some of the leaves at my feet as I was hurrying through, so when I felt something tickling my foot I assumed it was a carrot leaf...

Lesson #2: Never Assume.

It was a big fat greenish-yellow caterpillar inching up my bare foot (ya, so I was barefoot in the kitchen—what's your point)

Marc said, "That won't be the last you see of these little guys." as he points to the bag of remaining corn on the floor of my pantry.

I was up in the middle of the night with Sister and she asked for something to eat. So being the great mom that I am, I tell her I will get her some fruit snacks.

So, as I barefoot it through the dark of the living room I step on a fruit snack. I ignore it because my house is a mess and I don't want to acknowledge that the very thing I am now going to feed my daughter in bed is spread out on my living room floor... wait. These are NOT those juice-filled fruit snacks... what ever I stepped on made a "pop."

I trace back my steps, this time with the light on to see what exactly I had stepped on.

There was half a caterpillar on the carpet. The other have was smooshed into the carpet and then some green avacodo guts were strewn onto the linoleum of the kitchen floor. I dry heaved (because I couldn't scream and wig out—it was the middle of the night). I rushed Sister's snack to her and then went back to clean up the remains of the avocado caterpillar and check for any other of his friends that may have escaped so that I wouldn't step on those too.

There were 2 others.

This morning I found 2 more tiny ones that just didn't quite make it.

Some one had stepped on those too.

Maybe me.

I don't know.

Lesson #3: Clean up your house so that when you step on something in the middle of the night you know it was a caterpillar and not a fruit snack. (Or turn on the lights.)

5 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

uuggghh....thanks! I had a good laugh!

ReimFam said...

I laughed my guts out over this post. But they weren't avocado green and slimy all over the floor.

Mariah said...

Blech! Or, this is a good reason NOT to clean up your floor. I'd rather believe that it WAS a fruit snack and go to bed unknowing!

Rochelle said...

Yuck, yuck yuck!!! PS I hope your going to the campout!!

candace said...

Ummm....I know that feeling all too well! We just did 4 giant boxes of corn, and those nasty things were all over. I freaked all our kids out when I told them what happens if they had one get stepped on. They were pretty grossed out, Heheeee!