Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Campout

Ah, my mom's family, traditionally late for everything. If they say it starts at 3pm they mean 7:30pm...

I thought we were late for the family campout when we showed up at 5:30 for the 3:00 start... nope. We were early. We met up with my cousin, Rochelle and her fam, and my aunt Rozanne (who typically was the one I've always know for being late—but now she is always the one on time or early!)

Anyway, we met the really nice camp host who continued to make us worry that the campsite that my uncle Slade said was reserved was actually reserved by the Carlsons. Who the heck were the Carlsons? It wasn't us, I can tell you that. Funniest camphost I ever met. He insisted that we did not have this campsite and so we were all not sure what to do. Well, I got awfully hungry come 7pm and I just said well, let's at least get dinner going and we can leave if no one shows up. Well, after my dutch oven enchilada casserole was almost done the rest of the family starts showing up at 7:30 and 8:00. My uncle Brad didn't even show up till about 9pm!

Late or not, it was a blast. My kids had a ball with Rochelle's kids. Rochelle and her family were only there for the night and left about 11pm. In the morning when Sister woke up she ran outside to go play with "the kids." She came back to me moments later and asked, "Where's my friend, Dalan?" Oh, she loved her cousins and wished the kids were still there to play with her. But, she decided that my aunt Rozanne was fun to hang out with and followed her like a shadow for the morning. (smile)

Brother and I shared the experience of bailing of a jumpy horse together. That made for an interesting time... Brother was fine (only because I made sure to have him fall on me so he wouldn't get hurt). I have a bruise on my rear the size of an apple and my neck and hand don't feel right, but, hey I'm a cowgirl and I got over it. (Did I mention that I am sitting one-cheeked on my chair right now while I type...)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the day. My favorites are of my hot, cowboy husband working one of the hyper horses they call Flicka. Oh, yes, Brother thought that was the best part. The "real Flicka" was uncle Brad's horse and he was in the movies... (let Brother have fun with that idea—it made his day!)

Snapped this one out the window on the way up the canyon—the colors were amazing!


That's my leg with a freaky but on it. I was totally cool while taking the picture but when I was done with the freaky bug's photo op, I wanted it gone and it wouldn't leave... then I freaked out...

Uncle Slade doing dishes after Uncle Brad made us pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs...

Aunt Rozanne is the family historian... sweet.

Brother and Marc on a pony ride.

After Flicka was a little jumpy while Brother was on her Marc decided to give her a little work-over...

And finally Brighton got to ride with one of my cousins whom he absolutely loves. They were riding on the horse that I liked to call the "babysitter."

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Rochelle said...

We had so much fun!!! Too bad we couldn't stay until Saturday! :( Best camp host ever, he made the evening more fun:) Thanks for coming!