Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thick Air

So the humidity here makes the air feel thicker. There is a slight breeze most of the time, but if you ever get outside when there is no breeze you feel like the air is hanging on you--you know--like your kids when you are trying to talk on the phone... tee hee!
Anyway, let me fill you in over the last few days before I forget. I want to try to be brief because Marc is downstairs talking with Daniel and Tynelle and I don't want to miss out on too much. (For the posts in Florida, my niece will be named Berry and my nephew will be Popo.)

Let's see, so we went to the beach on Friday. Wait, did I already tell you about that? Just sec....

OK, we're good, I still haven't told you yet. Anyway, we went to a beach called Clam Pass State Park. It was awesome for many reasons! 1) It was a beach! 2) It was a warm beach 3) For the first time in my life out of the handful of times I have been at a beach, the water was warm enough to actually enjoy getting into 4)The sand was so fine and soft, it was like walking in sugar, but not as sticky 5) It was Sister and Baby's first time to see the Ocean--last time we went to a beach I was pregnant with Sister 6) I got to boogy board with my nephew Popo 7) I got some awesome pictures of the ocean, my family, my sexy husband 8) We hunted for shells 9) I kissed my husband in the ocean

Things that weren't so awesome about Clam Pass: 1) "sand"wiches shouldn't actually contain sand 2) Sand and crevaces are not a good mix 3) umbrellas and wind are not a good combo 4) women who need to lose 50 pounds or more should NOT wear bikinis 5)Florida is not good place to get your first sunburn of the year... yeah I found that out the hard way.

That night we went straight from the beach to the pool to enjoy more of the water and wash off all the sand out of our crevaces. (smile) Brother LOVES the pool!! That is an understatement--to say the least. He loves it so much that Tynelle has actually been teaching him some more techniques so that he can start swimming. Tynelle is so sweet to spend so much time with Brother. He has been her shadow the whole time here. He just loves her, has to be where she is, do what she is doing, and snuggle up to her while they watch a movie. So cute. So I think that Brother and Sister really want to learn how to swim so they can keep up with Popo and Berry who, at only 5 and 2, can swim like fish!

Then we had dinner--Tilapia with mango salsa! Mm so good. Daniel and Tynelle are great cooks.

On Saturday because of my sunburn we didn't do much. It was quite hot that day and we had planned several short walks in the everglades but, we only took two. It wore us out because of the heat. But, we got to see alligators right up close at a place called Oasis. One was swimming, which was cool. I was actually surprised at how big they actually were... let's just say the canoe trip Tynelle mentioned might not be up there on my list of "To Do's" while we are here. We then went to Kirby and walked the board walk. We saw some great scenery, extremely large bees, two turtles, and some fish. You could here some really load frogs. It was so cool. Then at the end of the walk we went to a little grass covered hut and enjoyed the sun and shade while we had our lunch. Then we went back home and had icecream and watched movies.

I will write about Sunday later. I need to get to bed. Just remind me to tell you about Brother and Sister at church, what a great cousin Popo is and how much Brother knows about his scripture stories... too cute. Oh, and this was also the day that Daniel painted my toenails--can't wait to show you some pictures!

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wendy said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun. I'm green. The house appears to be standing, from the outside. Sorry about the sunburn.

Anonymous said...

So cool that you guys all got to go visit there! I haven't commented in awhile because we've been gone on vacation too- and I have to say that when we got home from Utah and I saw you didn't post the camera wars on your blog I was relieved... but I guess you were teasing me and just waited for a little while ha ha! p.s. i really want to read daniel's and tynelle's blog so will you have her send me an email invite? hope you're still having an awesome vacation! :)