Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 months!

Baby is now 5 months, well, about 5 1/2 months. Anyway, I took her in to have a rash checked last week and they weighed her. She is 12 pounds 8 ounces now! Holy cow! (Oh, and it was just roseola, so she is fine.)

Kids Who Count has started their visits with her Occupational Therapist, Mary. It is so fun to have her here again. She worked with Sister too, so it has been like a reunion! Anyway, we have been working on getting Baby to reach for things and bring them to her mouth. I took a picture of her success.
almost got it...

ah, what's this...

I also took some great pictures of her in her cute little hat, I just had to take them.

I have been quite behind on the blogging so these are actually from a few weeks ago, but OH WELL. She is my third child and I can tell I am not as good at keeping up on her baby book—which is this blog.

So, she is able to roll from her tummy to her back by going to her right. She can roll from her back to her tummy, only with a lot of help. But, we are working on it. I am just excited to see her trying to grab toys and bring them to her mouth. It is amazing what are the milestones that these little babies need to meet. I mean, I was celebrating two weeks ago when she discovered her hands!

I will start keeping up better on her milestones. It may be helpful to someone, at least I think, it is interesting to see what babies should be doing.

What we are working on for her this week is:

Rolling to her left side from her tummy.

Rolling from her back to her tummy.

More actively reaching for toys while on her tummy to bring them to midline (her mouth).

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Anonymous said...

so glad everything is good and the rash was nothing to worry about. She is so cute! i love the hat and her in it! I wish I could hold and kiss her! ahh, I miss holding babies! Have a great day!

Joel and Jessie said...


Julie said...

What a sweet baby! I LOVE her hat! So cute! My baby didn't roll over consistently until about 7-8 months old. She is doing really well!

Rochelle said...

Wow, I don't even know if my babies do all that! Way to keep up with it. I know one baby rolls from back to front, but that is it - oh and the suck on toys all day long:)

Rochelle said...

Oh and I love the third from bottom picture, she looks so pretty in it!