Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cousins, Butts, Birthdays and Best Friends

This it the picture I took of my cousin. She came down to visit with her family and we have not seen her for a long time so she aranged a get together so we could see her. It was so much fun to catch up. I took a sneek picture of her (above) she wasn't real happy about that so she came to attack me and we had a picture war. Her camera is cool and fast and mine is so not cool and extremely slow. So the next picture is all I got, but I LOVE it so I had to post it. It shows how great a smile she has! (And a close up of the proof that she has a better camera than I do...)

Then I had to laugh at the two family members wearing the same pants so we joked about taking a "butt shot." Well, here it is. I warned them it would be on my blog. It has taken so long for me to catch up that they probably thought I wasn't putting it up! Bwa ha haa haaaaa! Don't worry I won't tell you who they are, I don't want to really embarrass them. But, hey, if I had a jean butt like that I would gladly put a picture of it on my blog...
My mom is so kind to make sure the shirt is up so you can see the pockets... thanks mom (said sarcastically).

Oh, look how cute! It is my cousin and my aunt. They look so pretty!

This is my cousin and her daughter. I was trying to get pictures of everyone there but, I realize that I didn't get any of the men that were there.

.... (pondering and thoughtful face)

Oh well.

The next day was my dad's birthday! Holy cow! My dad is 55! I am getting old!

Here he is singing Happy Birthday to himself along with everyone. He is such a happy guy, when he is happy. I just love him. I have always been close to my dad. Just a special spot for him I guess. He is so thoughtful and always so proud of us and what we do.

Here he is calling for Brother to come blow out his candles. Brother is famous for blowing out everyone's candles. He never came to blow them out, though, I think because we wanted him to do it. They key is to tell him "no" and then the challenge is on. I have seen him blow out someone else's candles while being held back and away from the cake. He is strong willed, let's just say that.

So dad had to blow them out on his own.

I love that Brother and Sister are such great best friends. I took this picture after they had been playing with eachother for a couple of hours straight with no arguments. I wanted to capture the moment. They really do have a LOT of fun together. They really rely on eachother, it is so sweet.
Since Easter fell on Conference weekend the girls didn't have a chance to wear their Easter dresses that my mom bought for them. So this is the week after Easter. I had to take a picture because Sister's gloves were so cute. I wish that I could have gotten a better picture but, this will be full of memories. The sun was bright and they were anxious to get back inside. So these are what I got. A Popeye look, a baby who looks like she is being choked but the last one is priceless. Man, I sure love my kids!

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The Chizel Family said...

stinkin' cute! So glad you post so often. And ha, ha about feeling spoiled at moms house :). I wanted some homemade fries so bad the other day, hmm soon enough. We are SOO excited for you guys to come!!!!!