Monday, April 12, 2010

Sister's Acts and American Eye-doll

So I realized I hadn't posted any of Sister's acts here on the blog for a bit. Here, let me endulge you...

My sister, Kirsten, passed on these lovely Barbie doll cards to us. Immediately Sister took a liking to them. She loves cards. Why? She doesn't play cards, she just likes to hold them and stack them and carry them around the house. But, while I am in the shower she likes to scatter them...

Baby is sleeping still after my shower so I ignore the silence that should worry me while I do my make up and hair. Hence, Sister's beads scattered sparatically all over her bedroom floor...
Why do I have beads in Sister's room? you wonder... it is one of those things you use for developing fine motor skills, and yes, she needs them to help her along. I don't think they are serving much purpose on the floor, though.

Aw, isn't she precious. I think the cards sat on my floor all day long. I just didn't care. That's why I took a picture. They were still there when I thought to myself, "Hey, this would be a good one for the blog."

The beads were there for a few hours only because I was avoiding her bedroom, knowing that the silence could have only led to a "Sister Act." I mean, seriously. How many times a day can I possibly follow her around picking up her messes. I mean, it is a 24 hour job. I have decided that cleaning the messes shall wait. Wait until she is asleep and not on the war path. She is so creative and LOVES pretend! That is great. I love to see her doing those things. Especially because it shows me she is doing the things she should be developmentally. Brother still has a hard time with "pretend." But, I have learned that along with imagination comes improvisation which brings in many items of use that just shouldn't be left all over the house. Oh, well. The famous saying, "If you came to see my house, don't come. If you came to see me, welcome!" should be hung on my front door so I don't have to continually apologize or explain away the "lived-in" look.

Now, for the American Eye-doll. I will focus in on Barbie. She is eye candy is she not? I mean through the ages she is the icon of fashion. I chuckled when I really took a good look at these cards, really chuckled. Head thrown back, kind of chuckle. I mean, what were they thinking late 80's early 90's. And it's coming back? Didn't we learn from our mistakes the first time?

The other thing, why did my youngest sister have these cards possibly created from before her birth? Memorabilia? History project? Oh, yes, my mom yard sales... I bet they were one of those bargains... "I got these for a dime, new in the package!"

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