Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teal and Hot pink

So my brother, Daniel, informed me that those are Florida's colors... I thought he was referring to their state flag or something. Shows you how much I know. He was joking about all the teal and hot pink all the old ladies wear around here. Tee hee!

Today was just as fun as the other days I must say. Sorry for those of you who are having snow while I enjoy resort-like pools, beaches and sunshine! Wa hoo I am having a great vacation.

We went to the Pier today. Wow!!! That was incredible? Have you ever been to a pier? I can't believe how far out into the water they go... amazing. I was hoping we would see some wildlife, I was hoping for dolphins or stingrays... I got a pelican. Oh well, it was animal life.

Oh, ya, and yesterday we went to Barefoot beach. They have signs all over the place warning for you to not walk or drive over them. Tee hee. Can't wait to post those pictures.

Oh, here's 2 pics for you all to see. I downloaded some but will only post 2 for now.

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Joel and Jessie said...

I am going to wait and do most of my comments face to face because I don't want to type a novel, but do you have to rub it in that it is snowing here....and sunny there....uggh...

Rochelle said...


Mariah said...

There may be snow, but at least there are no tornado warnings either. (I guess the beach and sunset makes one forget.)

Darling pic of the fam.

Ethington Family said...

what a great family photo!