Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Flight

So, quick journaling moment.

I just have to blog about the kids' first flight ever!! It was so cute!

Well, it didn't start off cute... we were stressed getting everything through screening and making sure my kids survived taking off their shoes. Ya, that was traumatic, ppfth! Aaaah we have to take off our shoes?!!! Are you kidding me, you are freaking out about shoes and we are about to get on a plane... we are in trouble.

We were struggling carrying 4 carry-ons, the stroller and the kids blankies ontot the aircraft. This nice lady turned to us and offered to help us carry a bag or two. We quickly obliged and talked to her the rest of the way through the terminal. She learned the kids' names and we explained to her about Fragile X, and yada yada. Anyway, she was so sweet and reassured us that even with our children's challenges she was sure they would be just as good as any other kid.

Anyway, turns out, once we got on there they were so excited they could hardly sit in their seats!

When the plane took off Brother was shouting, "Woohoooooo!! Woohoooo!!" Everyone chuckled and the lady we had met hollered, "Way to go Brother!" Oh, it was such a kick. The lady said later that she would love to go with Brother on a roller coaster ride.

Our first flight was 3 hours and 15 minutes. Not bad. The kids, all three, we so good! Even Baby did well. I had many people comment on how well behaved my children were. That made me feel good. I was worried that people would be cheering as we left the plane. Turns out that people were actually glad to have been a part of their first flight. Brother had about 3 cans of soda on the flight and never did use the bathroom! I think he was so excited that he didn't even think about he bathroom. They were so fun to watch. Brother and Sister kept looking out the window and getting so excited to see the clouds. When they could see land they would get scared and worry that we were "going down." Which I think meant they thought we were going to crash. As soon as I reminded them where we were going, though, they got really excited again and kept looking to see where Florida was. I think that Brother thought it would look like a map and actually say "Florida" on the ground...

We had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta. Boy, that was a huge and confusing airport without any good elevators! You know, traveling with a stroller is the way to go as far as getting great service, just make sure you know where all the elevators are.

During our layover the kids had fun looking out the windows at the planes. We got Burger King and Chick-fil-A for dinner/lunch. The kids thought it was like Disney Land eating at the airport. So funny. I had to chuckle to myself though, because my kids were so loud and excited, screaming with intense excitement when a plane would fly up. So I generally apologized to the people around me. They ignore me, there were 3 of them, and then 2 of them left and one of them went to "sleep." Pppffth.

By the time we had our second flight, Brother felt quite confident in his flying etiquette and as soon as the stewardess came by with the cart he politely asked for a full can of Sprite. At the end of that 1 hour 15 minute flight he turned to the stewardess again and told her "thank you." So cute. I love my kids. On the decent Sister said, "Ow, something is squeezing my head!" I felt bad I couldn't help her ears pop. I tried gum but she just kept swallowing it. My sister-in-law suggested a sucker. Any other good ideas out there?

Anyway, we got to Fort Meyers and waited for my brother and his family to pick us up. When I saw my brother, Daniel, I ran and hugged him like I hadn't seen him for years!!! I was so happy to him and his wife and kids!! Tynelle and I ran together to meet in an embrace.

It's like a dream being here. I can't believe we actually took a REAL vacation! So exciting!

We went swimming at their pool today. It is like a resort here. Brother is having the absolute time of his life. We are already talking about coming again next year.

I wanted to journal today because I didn't want to forget anything about the first flight and I know I am forgetting something already. Thank goodness we are encouraged to keep a journal.

We swam most of the day today. We had fillet mignon (however the heck you spell that) for dinner! They are really spoiling us here. I love my brother and I am so happy to be here with him and his family! We are having a blast and it is only the first full day here! The kids were definately over stimulated because last night they had a really hard time sleeping. Sister was throwing up from exhaustion this morning. But, now, they are doing really great, really, really great! Having the time of their lives!

I probably won't be posting any pictures while I am here, just journaling... so just to warn all you who just like the pictures--those will come later.

P.S. I hope that Kirsten and Jeremy are having fun eating all our food! (smile)

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Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I am glad all went well. I hope the return is just as good. Have a great time.

Suzy said...

So glad it went well. We are going in the fall. I can't wait to hear more, it makes me excited! What airline did you fly?

Rochelle said...

How fun!! Have so much fun. I love Florida~~ I'm so happy for you guys!!