Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally the Saturday before Easter activities

Oh my word, so much to catch up on...

First of all I love these pictures because it shows Brother and Sister actually do get along. They were watching a movie in Sister's room and Brother fell asleep. Sister is trying to tell me not to wake him up.

Growing up in a small town was the bomb. Seriously, it was awesome! Bike rides to the corner store that, one way, took 30 minutes. The town celebrations and especially the Easter Egg Hunt! When I was a kid they would hide real colored eggs with numbers on them. Then we would run to the pavillion with our eggs and wait for our numbers to be called out to see what kind of prize we would get! Aah! Those were the days.

Anyway, now we go to the same one with our kids. The eggs are plastic and you get a prize as long as you have and egg to show for it. And this year my kids had a lot of fun because we were actually there before the Easter Egg Hunt started... ya, usually we have been late. :)

It was cold and my kids were happy as pie to get back into the car!
notice the cards in her basket...

lined up to get our prizes

Then we went to my mom's house to watch the first session of LDS General Conference. My mom made us breakfast. She loves to cook for us. She always acts stressed out but, I think it would stress her out more if we didn't ask her to make something for us!

The saying above her stove says, "Around here "normal" is just a setting on the washing machine." I may change that to my new blog theme...

I made Baby and Sister's flowers. Aren't the cute?

I talked LittleB into letting me do her hair. I think she was pretty happy about it.

The fun never ends when Marc and Jessie get together. Here's proof:

Then we went to my uncle's to have dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. It was alot of fun!

You can see that Marc and Baby had a good time while the rest of us hunted eggs... pppfth!

and these were the "smiles" on our faces when we saw what kind of candy we got! MMmm. Nothing like a good pair of fake rabbit teeth you can eat...
Thank goodness my nose clean... sheeeesh!
It's amazing what rabbit teeth can do to ya!

After my uncle's house Marc went to General Priesthood Session at the Conference Center. Me and the kids went to Marc's parents' house to hang out with Amy, Grandma Lynne, and Kelsey and ate, colored eggs and chatted while all the guys were gone. Brother was the only boy there with all us girls!

2 remarks:

Jared & Cheryl said...

I loved the easter egg hunt in Parowan too! The eggs were plastic, but they had numbers on them and we ran to the pavillion to find out what we had won! Good times:-)

Joel and Jessie said...

I am so glad you got pictures of the Easter egg hunt. We didn't get that many, so now I can borrow these.

I am glad you posted that video of Marc and I so I can see first hand that I really did look as dumb as I thought! Ha!