Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Teaching Our Children

I had to stop by Brother's class today to bring him some money for his field trip that I forgot to send him with this morning.

I love seeing and talking to his teacher.

She's pretty amazing.

I've been so blessed that my children have had great teachers.

It's truly been a blessing to have fabulous teachers especially when you don't exactly agree with how the school district does things. In many situations it has been their teachers that have gone above and beyond for our kids.

I was reminded, again, of that today as Mrs. G mentioned one of Brother's big successes from yesterday.

It was so simple.

Something not a lot of parents have to think about for their 15-year-old.

He was just supposed to invite a peer to come color with him.

That is a huge deal! Not only because he has to actually talk TO the person, but he has to be willing to wait for an answer.

Mrs. G re-enacted how Brother followed through with his social challenge and she did it in such a way that I had to giggle that she has all of his nuances down perfectly and I love that she knows him that well!

I could get on my big political band wagon about how schools are underfunded, over-worked and sometimes neglected, but I am continually amazed at the dedicated teachers in our children's lives that take all of that and make it feel as if it doesn't even exist as a problem.

Miracle workers.

Truly they are.

They are able to take situations that are less than ideal and turn it into something completely geared toward my son's or daughters' needs.

I am in a different world with my special needs kids.

A VERY different one as I am reminded often while talking to other parents and educators.

I am grateful, though, for the teachers that our special needs kids have had.

That's my UP today.

Being grateful for amazing teachers all the way through.

I hope I tell them enough how much they are appreciated.

Let your child's teacher know what you appreciate about them. I am sure they need to hear it.

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