Monday, November 2, 2015

A Feminine Spiderman...

All our kids dressed up for Halloween at their schools!! One of those little miracles at our house!

Granted, Brother only wore this mask in the morning, but hey, I was shocked he even put it on and then let me take a picture to boot!

And Sister, well, I forgot to get a shot of her in the morning before she left for school and she was so happy to see me at her school's costume parade that she couldn't hardly stay still and apparently neither could I so she's a bit of a blur. 

I love that she is such a confident girl in what she likes and wants, but I also have to laugh a little bit that she had to wear this Spiderman suit with the muscles. It was ironic because it's a little small on her and she is growing up so the pectoral muscles kinda made it look like a little feminine enhancement... tee hee! For a girl who refuses to act like a girl, she kind of defeated her purpose in her sassy Spiderman costume.

And, Baby, well, Baby doesn't like wearing anything really lately... no, I mean really. It's been a struggle to get her to wear anything other than her diaper.

So to get her to wear a costume I had to disguise it as being able to go to school in her pajamas. Luckily she was happy enough to be watching YouTube that I was able to style some Minnie Mouse-style buns and even smudge some black eye shadow on her nose! She was so adorable!

It was even more adorable when I caught her hanging out in her room before her bus came with the inspiration of her costume and looking like a little teenager in her room.

And as much as I wished her full costume would last all day, she came off the bus with buns and bow out, but a big smile, so I can't complain too much. (wink)

My sister was crazy enough to take our kids for the evening into Saturday afternoon so after my play rehearsal Marc and I attended a Halloween Party at the Scera. It was so much fun and I had a great time putting together my steampunk fairy costume.

Marc always rocks the creepy masks and stays in character and disguise the whole time.

The funniest/funnest part of the party was going through the haunted house experience.

I just have to laugh so hard at the differences in mine and Marc's personality because Marc walked through it with comments of being impressed and a smile at the great effects and complimenting the spooks on their acting ability. Then, there's me, screaming at every noise, movement, shadow and light flicker and falling in fear at the jumping out of the ghouls. So instead of ruining the experience for Marc I held onto a friend that had already been through and was good to let me hold onto his Minion overalls for dear life... I hope I didn't hurt him... ha ha ha!

There's just something about a good, clean scare that I get a rush out of. I love to give people a good scare too. My kids have gotten used to the fact that I like to startle them every once in a while and they have learned to scream hysterically and then laugh hysterically... I think it's actually a great sensory stimulation. (Oh the things I say to comfort myself with my quirks.)

Then, early Saturday morning Marc and I headed out to go to a canyoneering class with 12 Finger Outdoor Adventure and our friends Dan and Mike.

It was such a great date with Marc and I love being able to do an activity together that we both enjoy so much!

We learned knots and etiquette, skills and techniques and even laughed and shared stories and experiences the whole time! It was so much fun! I got to know some new people and really lifted my spirits throughout the entire experience.

It's pretty crazy to be on such an emotional and spiritual high and then go to a physical high.

I wore my Parade of Pumpkins shirt and my spider eatings to celebrate Halloween.
That's the LDS Provo Temple behind me in the valley... 
ya, and I was sitting cliffside... it was just that cool!

Marc and I.

We left our class a little early so that we could get the kids down and Jessie and Joel's in time for their neighborhood trunk or treat.

We were hoping that the kids would come back home with us so we could trick or treat the neighborhood, but we had also prepared ourselves in case they had decided that they wanted to stay with their cousins. It's always a bit of guess work with our kids because you never know if there is going to be a fit about a change or a fit about another change, or a fit about neither or both changes. I've learned the hard way to be prepared for all scenarios if it is possible.

When we got there the kids were so excited about going with their cousins to their neighborhood trunk or treat so the decision was made.

Jessie had made some soup and homemade rolls for dinner and my mom had come so we could celebrate her birthday a little bit as a family.

It's always fun to be with my mom on her birthday but the best part was seeing her out trunk or treating with the kids. It took me back to the days of seeing how happy and excited she was when she took us.

I was also so excited that even Baby decided to get a few treats.

Trick or treating scares Baby pretty good so even seeing her go to 5 spots is a great accomplishment.

It was fun to see Sister, Lil B and Baby walking together.

But it was even funner to see my mom excitedly walking with the grandkids on her favorite holiday and birthday. She was so happy, you couldn't help but smile.

So, after about 5 stops, Baby was done and instructed me to sit down so she could relax and start working on her stash.

This worked out great to my mom's advantage because then she was able to go to each trunk and say, "Hey, so my granddaughter is to scared to trick or treat anymore so can I get a piece of candy to give to her? ... and my sick brother." Ha! She had everyone laughing so of course she got candy.

Then Brother caught onto my mom's technique and decided it was was worth overcoming his fears and trick or treating with his grandma. She teaches us well...

We got back to our house around 8:00 and the kids didn't want to go out again so we just hung at our house and handed out candy to the trick or treaters that came.

Sister thought this business of handing out candy was the greatest activity ever and decided she needed put on her costume and take on that job.

It was so awesome to hear her excitement and watch her come a little out of her comfort zone to answer the door to neighborhood friends and give them candy. We were so proud of her.

One of the funniest and most creative trick or treat experiences of the night was when this door showed up at our door!

I told Brother to knock on it and our neighborhood friends handed us some candy!

We all thought this was a hoot and thoroughly enjoyed it enough to make them do it a few times so I could get some pictures!

Creative kids are always fun!

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