Thursday, November 5, 2015

I needed a band-aid?

I am amazed at what our kids can do with the help of technology.

I had to delete YouTube from the kids' iPods because they kept running into stuff that no one should see, let alone kids! Anyway, I deleted that and then heard about a YouTube App that is for kids.

So I tried it.

I haven't thought much of it, other than how nice it is that the kids don't find things they shouldn't until this morning.

They have a feature on the app that you can "speak" what you are searching for. So instead of wandering aimlessly through cyberspace trying to find what they want, or hoping they type in an actual word, they just push the microphone button and say what they are looking for.

Sister has been doing this for the last week or so. She gets really frustrated with it when it doesn't understand her interpretation of what words sound like, but for the most part it has been nice not to have to type everything in for her that she wants to find. She just says, "Batman egg surprise" and voila there it is.

Well, this morning I heard baby talking to her iPod. I kind of giggled since she doesn't always speak so clearly. Once I started paying attention though, I realized she was saying the same phrase over and over again until she said it the right way so her YouTube App would understand, "My Little Pony surprise egg."

I looked at her screen and there it was, in plain words across the search bar of her screen.

She had been learning from her sister.

She had the patience and drive to try it over and over again until she got it!

I love when things are discovered around this house for the benefit of our kids.

To have something that encourages speech!


I had to take a picture of her with her iPod (and her hair was so cute with her little hair springs):

It's a good thing, too, that she was so cute this morning because when I had to take her to the doctor this afternoon I had to keep remembering that while she was kicking, screaming and hitting at me.

It didn't really help my situation either that I was running late, my tire was almost flat so I had to stop and pump it up and then when getting Baby she was much less than cooperative or happy.

I imagine carrying her to the car when she is not happy about it would be about the equivalent of carrying a flopping dolphin 30 yards over a rickety bridge to the next pool...

Anyway, we get to the doctor late, there for my usual 30 minute-one hour wait became and hour and 45 minute wait... !!! Ugh!

Luckily after Baby had thrown the toys in the room, my iPhone, my purse and then thrown them all at me individually a few times she was finally calm enough to just sit... either than or she just wore herself right out.

Anyway, yada, yada, yada... at the end of the appointment she had to get her Kindergarten shots...

Wasn't pretty.

In fact, it's really sad actually because she was kicking and freaking out so much the need actually ended up scratching her leg pretty good on the way out.

Makes me cringe.

I think the nurse needs to practice on a dolphin... while she's riding it... through the waves...

Anyway, after making a HUGE scene in the hallway while every passer-by observed my dolphin wrangling technique I finally got the print out of the immunizations to give to the school and we were out of there.

The experience of getting Baby in the van after that was competitive to a greased pig chase, only it wasn't a cute little pig... it's one of those wily ones than can kick at ya. (Don't ask how I even know what it's like to catch a greased pig... OK, I don't, I've just heard my mom's stories...)


We made it. Back in one piece.

I made dinner.

Then I was freshening up before going to rehearsal and I noticed I had a little green friend.


Thank goodness, not a boogar.

A band-aid.

The band-aid that was for her shot site, somehow ended up on my shoulder from Baby's thigh during all the dolphin and pig wrestling... She was wearing pants... I don't know how it got there... on my shoulder... perfectly placed.


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