Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Up, Up and Away

I was feeling better today so I was able to get my butt going and get some things done today.

That's always an UP to feel like you have actually accomplished something.

Sister was up being sick last night, but she was popping all over this morning with happiness and excitement saying she was all better so I let her go to school.

So that gave me the day to do some much needed tasks and chores. I even got my Halloween decorations put away, fixed up some of my Thanksgiving ones and put those out, then caulked my leaky sink, did laundry and even cleaned carpets that I didn't do last time.

I mean, really, I feel like I conquered the world!

Another UP of the day was going and taking family photos for a high school friend and meeting her family.

I am surprised how much I love to see people I went to school with and meet their families, but what an even greater experience it was to spend an hour with them making them smile.

There was a really cool thing that happened during the shoot and I turned just in time to catch a shot, but we were in an area where the National Guard planes were flying low! It was pretty amazing and quite reverencing too with the thought of Veteran's Day coming up.

Day 308 of 365 Days of Up

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