Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I got a new husband!

Saturday night Marc and I did something really different for our date.

We went to a play...

No, but, really, it was a really different.

It was like a haunted house mixed with a play and oh my goodness did it give me a scare!

Before the play though we went to a restaurant we haven't been to yet and it was pretty good. It's always a good thing when you walk into an Italian Restaurant and the lady running the place has a thick accent! Our waiter was pretty awesome too.

After dinner we were off the the play at the Echo Theatre called "The Woman In Black."

We have seen the movie and thought this would be intriguing to see it as a play.

We were there a few minutes early and there were a lot of seats still open. I'm always one for adventure so I chose the front row.


As we approached the front row we noticed there was a "woman in black" sitting at the end of the row. I was pretty freaked out and the audience that was there started laughing because they had been waiting to see who would sit there. I was brave and sat one seat over. For the picture I made Marc sit next to the "woman." 

The first picture had a strange light that added to the creepiness of the thing...

This one turned out a bit better... ew... ew...

I was pretty much freaked out the whole time, worried that "she" was gonna grab me or something. 

She didn't.

I'll tell you though, this was an awesome play/haunting experience! I'm a bit on the "emotions on my sleeve" kind of person so my screaming and freaking out were not exactly unnoticed, which, of course, brought more terror my way. You know how it goes, they one that screams the loudest gets all the creepers coming their way. Eeesh!

It was so well acted though, and the storyline was really cool.

I was completely and thoroughly entertained!

Ya, creepy!

It's playing until Halloween... you should go see it!

On Sunday I had Brother come with me to the ward choir practice.

He didn't come up with me, but I am hoping that with enough repetition he will join us eventually.

Yesterday after Baby was off to school I took time for a little hike. It was short and sweet and beautiful.

I really do love where I live.

For Family Home Evening that night we decided since the kids never want to leave home that we would try to have a mountain activity in our own back yard.

We built a fire and roasted hotdogs and played and wrestled.

It was so much fun!

After it started getting dark and chilly we went inside to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

It was so awesome to have all three kids participating.

Baby even picked out her own paints

Sister worked hard on her vampire pumpkin

Brother was very particular about mixing his maroon and turquoise colors for his pumpkin

I love this "Mr. Potato Head-style" pumpkin faces! They're perfect for an easy pumpkin

Brother's masterpiece

Baby's masterpiece. I actually think her paint palette looks cool too

I decided that my librarian needed and alter ego...

This is her night time look... tee hee!

There was some fuzzing and falling apart during our Family Home Evening activities, but we did it! The kids will remember it as a good thing.

And that is a good thing.

This morning I went on another short hike, this time on the mountain instead of in the canyon.

The pictures do it no justice but it was beautiful.

Oh, and after a week off of rehearsal I got to attend a short one tonight. Yay! It was fun to be back.

I did notice when I first got there though, that the guy who plays my Mr. Martini wasn't there... I just figured he was sick or something... well, I guess he is, but because of it had to drop out of the play.

The director informed me I have a new husband!


He's only 20.

I am not quite sure how he feels about being "married" to a 38-year-old woman, but hey... I guess I'll just try to "act" younger...

OK, maybe acting younger isn't my problem...

Until next time!

Days 297 - 300 of 365 Days of Up

NOTE: In case you didn't notice, there are only 65 days left of this year! Whoa! Time flies when you're UP

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