Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Dad Taught Me Chronologically

My dad would pour over his journals for hours trying to transcribe all his notes in the order by date and time.

My dad has a LOT of journals.

I don't know of anyone who has as many journals as my dad that have actually been recorded in.

He taught me to keep a journal.

I think I have 8 journals from age 10 - 28.

Then I discovered blogging.

It was easier for me and then I was able to share my happenings with friends and family and maybe some others out there.

So I am really behind in my blogging/journaling and I am feeling like my dad pouring over his journal for hours during General Conference weekend and still never getting ahead and always having to remember every thing that had happened as opposed to what is happening.

I'm going to drive my dad nuts.

I'm going to go out of order.

I've done lots of great things over the last few weeks, but I am getting bored trying to catch up on what has happened.

I want to tell you all the funnies of our kids and our days recently.

So, Dad, hold your breath and just read this post knowing that at some point I'll catch up on the rest...

Yesterday, Sister had a different bus come to pick her up in front of our house. It was the same bus driver in a different bus.

Sister exclaimed as she was putting on her coat and backpack, "It's a subbatube bus!"

For those of you who don't know her cute speech issues, she meant to say "substitute bus!" It made me giggle.

Also, yesterday, Baby gave me some chuckles. It started when I tried to get her dressed for school and she was pitching a fit about wearing her leggings. I tried to wrestle them on to no avail (onto her, not me). So I just let her take them off.

I thought she was going to do the usual thing and throw them on the floor and yell gibberish at me while she pointed at me with a pouted face, but I was surprised when she grabbed each end of her pants and began to "play" with them...

This was very attentive for her and I think that the leg is talking to the waist... It was such a cute little conversation.
Oh my, I love her!

Then while Baby was ready and waiting for her bus to come (her bus comes an hour and a half later than Sister's) she was keeping herself entertained. While I was working I could hear that she had the iPod, but it wasn't until I went to physically check on her that I was entreated with this funny:

She had situated herself in the clean clothes laundry basket and was quite happy there.

Trust me.

It's a sensory thing.

Baby has also been doing all kinds of new things! I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you about what she's doing.

As of yesterday she is able to put her own socks and (slip-on) shoes!!

It's amazing to have her wanting to go outside and she just puts them on all by herself. She had done this for the first time last night while we were visiting with Doctors H so Mr. DrH took some pictures for me.

She won't wear these shoes if I try to put them on.


These shoes are solely reserved for her to utilize her independence.

She's also been talking so much more and is actually starting to request things verbally.

Ya, she's almost 6. That's our reality. Six going on to two years.

And now we are moving on from that so that I don't digress in my meanderings.


After the kids were all at school we met up with Doctors H and we went on a hike.

It was a short hike because after taking cover from the rain, hail and thunder we decided to walk back down the trail (which was now a stream).

It was actually a very beautiful hike and I am excited to reach our destination we were hoping for another time.

Me and Mrs DrH

Brother was happy to say a few things to Doctors H about his High School Homecoming Dance experience, and I'm excited to tell you all about that too, but in the meantime, here is his amazing picture that Lindsey took for us:

My goodness! He is so handsome and grown up!

Sister always has a new thing she is doing, and it's never anything typical. She's pretty darn creative about her habits and interests.

I guess while we were at the Tetons...

Yes, we were at the Tetons here's a teaser picture to hold you over till I get around to writing it all down.

Anyway, while we were gone, she decided that collecting cans was a great hobby and she had a few bags of cans she had collected. She was quite proud of this collection.

The other little thing she has started this week is setting up her own cubicle for her pretend school work at her desk:

It's pretty cute I have to say.

This morning Marc and I went on a little date in the morning and I took a picture of us that I just love and had to share here on my blog:

including our photo bomber...
Those are my recent UPs.

And my biggest UP is that I finally got to right about recent and not weeks ago.

Aahh... feels good.

I love you Dad. I hope you can hang in there until I put my blog into chronological order (wink).

Day 277 of 365 Days of Up

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