Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pictures and Packing

Marc couldn't be more excited about my new-found/rediscovered love of mountain adventure.

He was so excited when I agreed to go with him on a backpack trip in the local canyon.

Marc and I hiked and backpacked a lot when we were first married.

I never really enjoyed it. At least, not as much as Marc did. I really got no true joy out of hiking a mountain just to turn around and walk back the same way.

I am not sure what has changed for me, but now I enjoy it and actually look forward to it.

This trip was going to be especially fun because my little sister, Kirsten and her hubby, Jeremy were going with us. Yay! A double date backpack trip!

I was also really excited because I was bringing along me camera so I could get some great shots of our great pack trip.

First, though, I am going to show you the pics I got on my iPhone camera.

Marc heading up the hill

I had to try a few selfies

Kirsten is laughing at my selfie efforts to include her in the shot

I am not sure if Jeremy thought he saw another trail or just was trying to avoid the shot...

Here we are after getting our tent set up.

Once we got to our destination we did a little exploring in the meadow above our campground.

OK, now I am posting a few of the shots I took with my real camera, they are my favorites!

Jeremy and Kirsten

Me and Marc—this is now my favorite picture of us together and, yes, that is a chair I have
on my backpack and the back separating me and Marc is my camera bag. I felt pretty official.

I always love pictures of my hubby, but this one is especially hot!

The area we hiked to and camped was beautiful and I love this shot of Marc hiking through the middle of it.
Fall in the mountains is truly amazing!

Marc is getting our dinner ready. That's another reason I enjoyed this backpack trip was having Marc cook dinner for me.

The moon just before sunset was amazing and made such a nice addition to the fall colors.

I'm working on night time photography so I was experimenting
with light and our tent and I really like how this one came out.

In the morning we were able to watch deer cross the meadow and
I even caught this curious guy trying to figure out what we were there for.

While Marc and I were out on our overnight backpack trip we had our caregiver and friend, Jeremy with the kids.

When we got home I was thrilled to see they all survived and were quite happy. It was fun when Jeremy showed us pictures of fun with the kids, mostly Baby because she's the one who still likes to have her picture taken...

Baby stole Jeremy's glasses and was cheesing it up:

That missing tooth is just too danged cute!

It is such a blessing to know that our kids are just as happy with their caregivers at home as we are when we're out on a date or adventure.

I just can't not see special childcare as an awesome UP in Our Life.

I'm so thankful.

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