Monday, September 21, 2015


Sometimes Brother likes to wear 5 pairs of socks just because.

This particular combo that ends with the orange and pink striped socks over 4 other pairs of slipper-type socks, give him a bit of a Big Bird look:

Ha ha! Maybe his skinny legs add to the effect...

Sometimes I go to parent teacher conference and I get to sit by Sister's self portrait:

I love so much that her teacher thought to have the whole class draw a portrait to tape on their chair so the parents would know where they sit. It was so adorable.

What I mostly love about this though is seeing how Sister perceives herself: big smile, rosy cheeks, cute short blond hair and wearing a colorful outfit! She nailed it! I love that girl and her creativity!

Sometimes you end up with more space than you though you had...

Like when Baby lost one tooth but it looked like two!

He other tooth is hanging on  for dear life but won't last much longer. She's gonna look toothless!

Is it bad that the tooth fairy didn't come?

She doesn't care about money, it's just as good as garbage for her and she doesn't understand the concept of the tooth fairy... so, I guess until she starts to ask why the tooth fairy didn't come, I will just keep saving my pennies.

How can you not end a post on that cute face?

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