Saturday, September 26, 2015

If you start it, they will notice...

Having kids with special needs sometimes puts you into a funky frame of mind sometimes where you think you can't push your kids to do things that require attention, commitment and a little work. So we get stuck in our little ruts sometimes and forget to do important things.

I always feel so accomplished when we are able to do something like that and have success.

Remember, though, "success" at our house isn't always success in the way you may think of success in your house.

Marc decided about a month ago that we would read scriptures (specifically the Book of Mormon) every night as a family and then say family prayers before putting the kids in bed.

This started a bit rocky, and, frankly, still usually is. We get the whining, ignoring, meltdowns, and tantrums that typically accompany family scripture reading time...


But, we kept on plugging along and even reading scripture while one was down the hall, another was screaming and the other one was hiding under a blanket. Both Marc and I started to wonder what in the world we were trying to do here. It wasn't exactly fun.

Then, one evening after dinner, Baby went to Marc and asked, "gripchers?"

She wanted to use his book while we read and he had to use my phone to read the scriptures from there.

Even when we think that our children are not paying attention to the things we are doing in our home they are paying more attention than we realize.

The secret smiles that Marc and I exchanged during the 5 minutes of reading was how we expressed our astonished excitement at the success that we thought was becoming a failure.

Just keep plugging forward doing what you know is good for your family.

They will notice.

Day 251 of 365 Days of Up

4 remarks:

vickit43 said...

That is wonderful!!

Tink said...

This is one thing our families share in common!

Tink said...

This is one thing our families share in common!

Rachael said...

Tink, I think that there are more families than we realize who have this in common (wink)

Vickit43, thank you!