Monday, September 14, 2015

Little Trains and Big Tantrums

I forgot, in my catching up, to mention a special birthday my family was invited to two Friday's ago.

I made some very dear and wonderful friends while in the cast of Mary Poppins. That's part of the reason I enjoy plays is that you get to know your fellow cast members so well and spend so much time with them.

I felt so special when I was invited to "Michael's" birthday party (one of the boys who played Michael in the play.

I felt even more special that they invited my family.

I know that that know my kids have special needs.

I don't think they knew the experience that would happen when we came...

neither did we, really.

We typically expect the worst in new situations, but deep down hope that our assumptions are wrong.

We weren't even able to get in the car without the first melt downs happening.

We had a 20 minute drive to the destination and it was a very long drive...

Drives are always long when you are being kicked in the seat behind and listening to incessant blood curdling screams.

When we got to the house I was very excited to see a couple of friends from the cast, but slightly embarrassed at the same time that Sister was screaming at them to "leave my mom alone" and "go away!"

My friends just smiled.

Bless their hearts.

There were more fall-aparts at the house and it became a wrestling match. It was quite a scene that was being put out in front of all these actors... they may have even been impressed.

Then "Michael's" dad brought out the train.

A train?!


This couldn't have been more perfect!

Our kids LOVE trains!

This would get them to settle down and survive the birthday gathering.

Well, it was a little rough around the edges trying to get Baby and Sister to cooperate, but we finally got them both on.

But even after a few runs, Baby was still having a hard time, until Marc discovered that she was just wanting to watch the horses in the neighboring yard.

Thank goodness for parental instinct, right?

He got this beautiful shot too.

It wasn't the best our kids have ever acted.

It wasn't the worst.

But, close.

The best part was that everyone was still good to us and the kids and, 
I think, still want to be my friend. (smile and wink)

Day 239 (again) of 365 Days of Up

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Celesta said...

Love to you and your family! I'm so glad you came and that we could see all of you. Trains and horses can be good for the soul...and so are theater friends! These are great photos and you and your husband are amazing parents.