Friday, October 23, 2015

Remembered and Requested!

We were offered 2 tickets to another play last night!

I was so excited to hear from a friend of mine that I met when I did the Addams Family at the Scera. She is in a play with the Pleasant Grove Players called "The Butler Did It." Marc and I were so excited to go and we were so excited to get Lindsey and McKenna to sit last minute so that we could go together.

The play was hilarious and surprising. We really loved it! Shelly was so sweet to invite us to use her tickets. She, of course, did a fabulous job, but I've learned to expect no less from her.

I think we were so excited about being able to see another play that we totally forgot to take our traditional selfie!

I didn't realize this until I was working on sit-ups with Marc when we got home. We've been part of this 30-day Core Challenge thing so we try to do it together to motivate each other. I figured this time was better than never for our traditional date night selfie.

I'm still doing my crunches while Marc is working on his leg lifts.

and here we are doing our 2-minute planks...

So for the second time this week my up for the day was going to a play! We've been so lucky.

Today, though, was not only an UP for the day, the UP of the entire week! We've been anticipating and planning this day for quite a while and it is finally here!

Baby is 6 today!

I can't believe it was a whole 6 years ago that I was holding this little thing:

She was 6 weeks early and still over 5 pounds!

I just have share a few of my favorites from over the years!

with Grandpa James on Sister's birthday at our Santaquin house

When she used to let me dress her up for Halloween

Look at this pigtails!

Brother and Sister love her a little too much sometimes...

This is one of the first photos of her in our Orem backyard

I love to see how far she has come from a premature infant who had to come home on oxygen and bilirubin lights.

A couple of months ago she came with me on a quick grocery run and saw a Princess Celestia My Little Pony toy and really wanted it. I was trying to be a strong mom and not get it "just because" and explained to her that she could have a special toy like that for her birthday or Christmas.

She, of course, threw a tantrum and it was a total nightmare getting her out of the store, but, in all honesty, she has so many toys and wants so many toys that I just assumed she forgot about it.

Three days ago she came up to me and said, "Princess Celestia. Birthday?"

I was floored!

She remembered!

She was able to tell me!

She used words!

Heck! At this point I would have got her anything!

I had something else for her birthday at this point, but with this kind of communication and mature reaction I would have got her almost anything! So, of course, I got online that night and ordered it right away so it could be here for her birthday. I didn't want to risk taking the time looking at stores just to find they didn't have it anymore.

Nope. This girl was going to get her Princess Celestia pony on her birthday.

And she did...

She couldn't have been more excited and still won't let anyone touch it because it is just too special.

Oh, and yes, that is her nightgown she is wearing... hey! it was her birthday and she wouldn't let me take it off this morning for school, so... I let her celebrate her birthday the way she wanted to.

We had hamburgers with Marc's parents for her birthday dinner and then we had cupcakes afterward.

I made mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting because she loves to just eat the frosting off the top and maybe a nibble of cupcake, so this was a better solution for less wasted cake.

She was so happy she couldn't stop jumping up and down and flapping her hands. I was, again, amazed at how well she responded to us singing "Happy Birthday" to her and then she topped off my surprise by blowing out the candles!

She actually seemed to understand this year that this was her special day.

I think she is really starting to catch on to her world and the world around her!

It's so exciting!

How can you not smile when you see a Birthday girl with her pony and a chocolate cupcake and a HUGE grin?

You just can't help it!

She topped her night off with a visit from her other grandparents too and then off for a bath with her new toy.

She had to rock on her rocking horse to get out all her excited birthday energy before she was finally ready to go to bed.

I love it!

Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention that both Sister and Brother just couldn't give her enough birthday hugs and wishes.


Brother refrained from blowing out her candles for her... hey, that's a sacrifice for him... no one blows out their own candles when Brother is around...

Days 295-296 of 365 Days of Up

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