Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From Then to the 70's and Now

This is me and my friend, Naomi (also known as the other half of the Dr. H duo)

I am currently leading the Fragile X Association of Utah (again) and she is my big helper and basically keeps me afloat. I don't call her my co-leader because I don't want to scare her off. (wink)

I wanted to have a meeting with Naomi about a recent leadership summit she attended and so I figured what better way to have a meeting between two hikers who are involved in the world of Fragile X.

We and our hubbies hiked a little ways up the Dry Creek Canyon trail.

This is a beautiful picture but if you notice the storm clouds looming in the background you will know why it was only a little hike.

 Those dark clouds carried thunder, lightening, rain and hail so we took cover for a while.

After the rain passed we decided it would be best to just hike back down since the trail was now a running stream. So we puddle hopped down and went for some lunch in town.

Naomi and I got a lot of things covered and discussed on our hike so it was all in all successful.

The next morning we headed over to REI for their big yard sale. We had to snap this photo of us waiting in line. I love the random guy passing behind us, it adds to the romance of the shot...

Marc has been so excited that I am back into hiking and loving it that he can hardly contain his excitement and wanted to be sure to get me set-up for whatever adventure would come next.

We got some REALLY great deals, but the one deal that has been the best was actually one we weren't planning on finding and it was a backpack that holds my camera and lenses so now we don't have to lug my awkward bag up the trails. We were able to use that on Marc's birthday 7 days later when we hike back up the Dry Creek trail to make it up a little further.

We didn't have a huge to-do for Marc's birthday. We went to lunch on his lunch break and then after dinner we headed out with the camera on our backs to hike until dark.

It was a great hike and we both really enjoyed it. It was quiet and beautiful and when we got to one of the look-out points the city lights were breathtaking.

Marc was getting some beautiful shots as the sun was beginning to set on our ascent.

When we got to the open meadow I took a panoramic with my iPhone.

Marc took some night photos and then I took over so I could get some pictures of him.

47! Man, he's a hottie!

I didn't have a tripod, but I tried anyway... I still think it looks cool.

Ranger has not been trained as a therapy dog, but I am constantly amazed how much he does for our kids. He knows how much Sister LOVES to snuggle with him so he goes in and lays by her every morning until she wakes up.

Check out my new make up and hair style!

Ha! Right out of the 70's right? My mom spent some time with me on Monday night getting a 70's look together and I think, with Marc's help too, we nailed it.

Why was I trying to go retro? 
Oh just because I wanted to be an extra in a movie, Saturday's Warrior... yaaasss!!

These scenes were being shot at the Velour in Provo. This is me sneaking a shot while we are waiting for the set up and the other scenes being shot.

Everyone on set was really nice and it was fun talking with different people and making connections.

Some of the extras ended up in the back waiting for our "moment." I found a comfy chair to sit in.

It just happened to be right by the food table so it was a good way for me to meet one of the actors I was hoping to meet. This is Monica. I don't know her personally, but she has been in a lot of local stuff and a lot of LDS stuff and I've just admired her modestly and humility in all her actions. So I was excited to find out that she is completely sweet in person and was happy to get a photo with me.

These are the DeAzevedos, Lex and Emily. They're kind of a big deal when it comes to this Saturday's Warrior thing (wink)

Once it was finally my time to be on set it was fun being able to, basically, watch a concert and act like a young and crazy fan. I had fun.

I had a lot of fun!

I think you may even be able to spot me in the crowd... that would be cool!

I even got in on the whole teeny-bopper thing and got a photo with the apparently-famous-but-I'm-too-old-to-be-in-that-loop great Kenny Holland. He was nice, but I did have to chuckle a little watching him with the young girls... he knows he's got it going on... oh to be young again.

I went to play rehearsal right after the taping so I was home a little late. Marc was sweet enough to share pictures of our girls being sisters and watching a movie together while sharing a blanket. He said he wishes he would have had his camera recording as they both hid under the blanket and sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

These moments are so special to us because it shows maturity in Baby and an acceptance in Sister. They usually just exist in the same house but they have been playing together lately. It's such a blessing.

This last Saturday was my mom's annual Halloween Party for her side of the family. This tradition is a long-lived one and really is something we all look forward to.

Well, let me rephrase that a little.

Our kids know that the Halloween Party at Grandma Judy's happens every October, but even with that tradition they still get anxiety about going. I don't ever push the costume thing but if I can kind of get a costume on them I am happy.

This is Baby as "Rainbow Dash"


Close enough.

Marc always likes to come up with disguises. Apparently this was one he was trying to decide on.

He ended up wearing a simpler costume of a Marx Brother's nose and glasses... ho hum.

But I went as a penguin!

When I saw this photo Marc took I understood why he was laughing so hard! I look hilarious!

Sister was a ball of anxiety the day before and the day of and she couldn't seem to stop her incessant scream, whining, and complaining even up until we arrived.

My nerves were raw and I couldn't handle it anymore as my ears were ringing with her high-pitched complaining. 

Then to top it off, she whined even more when she decided we hadn't parked in the right spot.

I lost it.

I yelled at her, "Stop it! Stop it! I can't handle it anymore!"

I really try to hard to stay patient so it's embarrassing for me when people witness me snap for a moment or two.

Once we re-parked the van she was a happy camper the rest of the night.

on the hay ride and completely happy to be there

Ever hear someone say "the anticipation is killing me" well, I think that isn't just a saying in our lives... it's a reality.

I was so happy to see and hold my sweet little niece again and I just had to have a photo of us both in our Halloween attire.

My mom...

She even bought a fake bum and teeth to add to the ambience of her costume! She's so funny! She even makes sure to go the entire night with her character voice.

The sunset that night was beautiful and added to the memories of the party.
That's my dad

See. Here's Sister still having a blast.
You would never have known the drama she had been going through before we got there.

Every year my mom looks forward to certain traditions of the party and having a fire for roasting hot dogs is always one of them. Marc got a good shot of the beginning flames.

The next day, Sunday, we went to my mom's again for dinner.

Aaron and Chelsea were there again so this time it was Marc who got to hold the new wee one and he was all smiles. This was the first time he has had a chance to hold her.

We get really baby hungry some times and it's hard to know that we won't have a baby again. At the same time, though, I know that we are where we should be with our family and have to take heart in knowing that we are complete here on earth as a family.

I dont' know if Marc was just giddy from having held our new niece, but he was in quite the jolly mood and couldn't stop laughing joking and having a great time the whole night. He added onto the humor when a bunch of us sat down for a card game—Marc hates card games. so he just had fun with it. We all had some good laughs.

 Later on that evening my mom felt bad that she hadn't done a birthday cake for Marc so she got a little dollop of ice cream, covered it in chocolate syrup and stuck a candle in it. This of us who were left sang "Happy Birthday" to him and had a good laugh about his birthday treat. (We had just had s'mores earlier so she knew Marc wouldn't be up for a bunch more dessert.)

If you look for a while at this kind of creepy picture you will see Marc's face glowing from the candle light. Tee hee!
And there you have it!

A whole lot of stuff!

Almost 2 weeks worth! Aren't you glad I'm only posting the UPs?

You can thank me later...

Days 275 - 284 of 365 Days of Up

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