Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Mexican and Mr. T

Three Saturdays ago was a birthday party for my dear friend, Amanda.

She's from a Mexican family and it has been tradition in her family to have a fiesta for special occasions and this year her husband decided it would be a great way to celebrate her 40th by having friends and family gather for her birthday.

Part of the fun of a fiesta is dressing up accordingly.

I had to go to my mom's house, costume central, to get something to wear.

I was excited because my sisters were there hanging out and I was able to enjoy their company while I looked for some Mexican-looking costumes for Marc and I.

What I didn't expect when I went to my mom's was meeting Mr. T.

No, no.

Not my MrT (the nickname for one of my nephews here on my blog), but the real Mr. T.

OK, not the REAL Mr. T.

In fact, not even close...

at all.

But some sweet person out there was dedicated to making a fan of the REAL Mr. T a very happy fan.

And I do mean dedicated.


I cannot tell you the laughter that was exuded when my mom brought in her recent find from her yard sale adventures. I love that she buys things, just so that we can laugh about it.

When I was younger it was a Relief Society project to learn how to make home made Cabbage Patch Dolls. Bless our Relief Society Mother's hearts, they tried so hard to save money by making things cheaper. I lovingly remember the cabbage patch dolls that my mom and her friend made for Jessie and I for our Christmas one year. I wish I had a picture of them to show you, but I at least have to show you a general picture of the sweetly-sown-by-Relief-Society-sisters Cabbage Patch kids attempts:
I found this image on
I have to say that my mom did a very good job on mine, but there were definitely those that were... interesting.

I have to say that Relief Society was the local "Pinterest" of that day, for it was only in Relief Society that my mother learned how to make Halloween decorations from plastic milk jugs.

Ironically, I got this picture from Pinterest at this link

Anyway, back to Mr. T.

I was humorously impressed that the jewelry and was even painstakingly put on right down to the earring in his ear.

However I couldn't figure out why he had underwear on (only) and it was underwear for a dog to boot!


Never have I laughed so hard about a doll in my life!

After a good dose of laughter and fun I was off to the party with my costumes for Marc and I in tow.

My regret is that I didn't get a picture of Marc and I in our costumes, we looked so cute!

I got a few pictures from the party to share the fun we had:

I love days that have so many UPs that I can't stop smiling while I write about them.

Day 259 of 365 Days of Up

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