Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My voice, his voice, Adobe Voice

Remember the first play I was in?


Let me help you remember.

Photo courtesy of Scera by Mark Philbrick

Photo courtesy of Scera by Mark Philbrick

That was one year ago this month! So crazy to think my journey in theater has only been a year. I'm loving it and have truly found a new passion in acting.

I am feeling a little nostalgic about this particular play, not only because it was the first one I was in, but we got to see another version of The Addams Family Musical last night at the Hale Center Theater in Orem.

It was a great rendition of it and I laughed and almost cried and even jumped in all the right places.

I kept catching myself singing along with all the songs. I didn't even think I remembered them and there they were in my head as the music played, word of word.

It was really fun this time to be sitting alongside Marc this time to watch it. It is definitely one of our favorite plays.

Our friends were so sweet and invited us along.

And yes, I did compliment the kids Rainbow hair behind me. If I was that brave...

That was my UP yesterday.

Today I took a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.

It was a little more adventurous than I had planned with my water bottle and sunglasses cascading down the trail into the river off a steep ledge, but I retrieved it all and only got a little upset at Ranger for yanking me off my balance on the steep trail's edge...

Anyway, it was really cool and it was fun to sit at the bottom of the falls feeling the spray of the water as it hit the rocks.

I took a picture at the bottom, half way up, and then at the spot I stopped.

I had seen on Facebook that today is Breast Cancer Awareness day so as I climbed to the falls I was thinking of a dear friend who was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I couldn't help but be excited to represent my awareness with my pink hair and a good climb up a mountain side.

Women are tough!

While I was on my little hike I, of course, saw some litter here and there which is always sad, but I didn't expect to see graffiti.

I stopped to take a picture of it because it was so beautiful and, I thought, quite well placed.

I want to do something like this with my chalk art one day!

Just before getting back to the car I saw this near a bridge next to (or in) some bushes:

Hmm... wasn't sure what to think of that... hopefully I wasn't trespassing...

When I got home I got an email from Brother's Speech teacher and it just made my entire day! I mean, it is so precious I can hardly handle it. I immediately shared it with Marc and we both teared up.

This was made by using Adobe Voice. I am in love with this program and just heard of it today! I think there are so many people with special needs who could benefit from this and I am so thankful for his speech teacher and her thoughtfulness to have him do it. I am excited to try this at home!

I cannot describe the tenderness it is to hear him talk about his adventure.

That's my UP today and cannot be topped.

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