Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Talking to No One

I watched a guy walking out of the grocery store tonight.

Not in a creepy way, people...

I couldn't help, but look at him because he was talking loudly so I turned.

That's when I started watching him.

The way he was talking I thought someone was beside him...


He must have been on a phone call.

I laughed out loud.

Don't worry he didn't hear me, he was too deep in conversation with his phone.

Then I could help but think how funny this would have looked to someone from the 1950's who had traveled through time to that moment...

They'd be freaked out.

We walk about now-a-days and don't think a thing of it when peoples faces are buried in their phone screens or their talking loudly to "no one."

My UP for today was remembering that I get to go to a "Back to The Future" party this weekend, and that incident just made me more excited for what I want to do for my costume!

Day 287 of 365 Days of Up

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