Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wow! I've been having fun!!!

I don't have time to blog much this week because I have been having so much fun and now I am off to Washington D.C. for Fragile X Advocacy Day! Wew! Our Life just doesn't slow down!

So here is a quick post full of fun pictures to tell you everything we have been doing since last Friday...
 We had a surprise night at Friday's kids because of extra volunteers (I love volunteers!) and the kids were thrilled! They were so hyper in the car on the way there I had to keep taking pictures at their requests.

Then it was off on our impromptu date that just so happened to end up being AWESOME because The Riverwoods was having their Fire and Ice even that included ice sculptures, snowboarding, and fireworks!!! I was SO MUCH FUN!

Yup. That's ice! Can you believe it? it looks like plastic or glass!

All bundled up!

So I think that Sister has been really struggling with the thought of me leaving this week because she has brought some new activities into her repertoire of mischievousness. She gauged a hole in the wall... but, hey, at least she tried to cover it up with duct tape and a towel...

In preparation for me being gone for 6 days I had to make sure to have food ready so that was one less thing for Marc to worry about. We all know how much Brother loves his hamburgers, so this was a picture of the 28 hamburger patties I cooked up on Tuesday morning. (I also cooked up 10 pounds of chicken that I didn't bother taking a shot of -- woo!)

On Wednesday we got a call from my brother, Daniel. They were excited to tell us that they are going to have a boy and girl. Sister was thrilled about this because she was so concerned about the twins having to both be the same and she wanted them to be different. Tee hee!

This is LilMan saying "hi" to us on FaceTime. He just couldn't get enough of us! Oh how I miss that kid!

I had to run a few errands and finding something to wear for Advocacy Day was one of the priorities. I just had to take a picture of Baby because she pretty much stayed here the whole 30 minutes I was there. She was so intrigued by the manequins. It made me laugh because she didn't move, she just stared. The only time she would move was to go to the other windows to see the other manequins.

Sister's Day! Oh, that was so fun! Farr's Ice Cream and Belle Boutique... good times!
(We miss you Tynelle!)

And last, but certainly not least we went to a costume party! Ya! A costume party on the first day of March! Rad huh?! Marc is the Scarlet Pimpernel and I am his wife. We had so. much. fun. It was a really great way for me to release my nerves before flying out this morning...

I need to go to bed...

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