Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby talk

It has been such a thrill to not only hear Baby's voice but to hear her voice making sentences and singing songs. She started making requests a couple of months back and then it stopped. It started back up again these last 4-5 days and it has moved to full sentences, "I want mlk." or "Give me that." I love it!

I always want to record it but, then she'll stop as soon as she hears the camera beep. Tonight I actually caught her while she was busy drawing pictures with Sister.

It's a bit long (5-ish minutes) but you'll hear her sing, say what I ask her to say, and, towards the end, say things on her own.

This is a big deal around here so I just had to document it.

I also post this video hoping it may give another Fragile X mom out there hope for her daughter who may not be talking yet.


New Project 3 from Rachael on Vimeo.

2 remarks:

Michelle said...

Rachael. I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me! I know how hard you have worked with her and to hear her really responding is so amazing. It honestly brought me to tears. I can't wait to come visit when I'm up for conference!

Rachael said...

Thank you Michelle!! And we are so excited to see you this weekend too! You are such an awesome person! I just love ya!