Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Man and the Mannequins

What do you do on your dates out with your spouse?

Do you plan something special like dinner and a movie?

Maybe a game and some ice cream?

Me and Marc?

Oh, we go to outlet stores and take funny pictures with the mannequins...

Tee hee! That's how we roll baby!

It's even funnier that they don't have heads...

OK, it's just funny anyway...

or weird...

however you want to look at it.

We had fun! And, I think, that's what matters.

Oh, and did I tell you that Aaron and Chelsea joined us on our creative date?

Aaron didn't want to be left out.

And Chelsea didn't want to be left out either.

No, that is not a mannequin in underwear behind them, it's a swimsuit. Sheesh!

Creative and spontaneous dates are always fun! I am just so glad that my hubby enjoys it right along with me. What a man! Love him!

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