Monday, February 25, 2013

Twinkle Little Star

Sister stays very busy.

If she isn't bouncing, running, circling, rocking, swinging, pretending, running, jumping, twirling or whirling, then she is drawing or coloring.

I love it when she colors in her coloring books or draws on all the paper that has been stocked up for her.

This is my most favorite drawing she has ever done! She was so proud and we kept it on the fridge for a very long time. She is 7 and this is the first time she has drawn the whole family all lined up with our legs and arms and hair (smile). From left to right: Sister, Baby, Brother, Dad and Mom. Precious! These is the kind of artwork I absolutely adore from her!

But, I just can't figure out that even with all the reams of paper and the stacks of coloring books she still feels the need to draw on other surfaces like the table or the walls.

I guess I should count my blessings because she has now moved on from using crayons, pens and markers for that kind of drawing and has taken up the old fashioned pencil.


When I first started see all the "artwork" done in pencil I was so upset until I thought, "Hey, I bet I could get that off with an eraser!"

Well, the only erasers I had in my house were these:

 Cute huh? Only problem is, they are this small:
They're so small my iPhone wouldn't focus on it...
I'm always up for further punishing myself so I proceeded to use it to erase this:
 along with MANY other areas she drew on in her room, like the walls and her bedroom door...

It took the work of at least 5 or so erasers and that was to the point where the edges start rolling up into themselves and you end up rubbing some of the pencil off with your actual finger tip by accident.


It was that fun.


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