Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sometimes blessings in our lives are obvious and sometimes they are subtle and we have to search for them.

One thing that having all our children with Fragile X Syndrome has taught me is to search for my blessings. Blessings in Our Life aren't always obvious...

but sometimes there are so many obvious ones I just have to take pictures of them all and share them with you!

The flower pictures above is called an amaryllis. This beautiful red flower was given to us 12 days before Christmas last year. This is the second time it bloomed. It is actually growing a new start for a 3rd time right now in our kitchen window. This sweet amaryllis has been a blessing because Brother finds so much joy in it. He gets SO excited when another shoot starts up and he loves to take care of it and wait for the red flowers to come. Because of all his excitement Sister has followed his example and gets so excited about it too and makes sure I put it in the window every morning.

Who would know that a flower could be such a blessing in Our Life?

It was our night for respite care at Friday's Kids, but Baby still had a runny nose from her week-long cold so we gave up her spot for respite, took the other two and brought Baby with us on our date. I was kind of bummed about it at first, but it was actually fun to have her out for a little Parent/Daughter Date. (Remember I am listing blessings here, so I am not going to tell you about the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that happened in between the blessings...)

Sometimes it's the little things that are the most obvious blessings, like when your 3-year-old gets a Valentine's Card from her Grandma Lynne and Grandpa Gary with a whole dollar inside. She has now taken on the role of "mommy" by carrying her little silver purse around with her memory match cards and her dollar. It's so neat to see her following what she sees. It means that the wheels inside that head of hers are turning.

Or the fan that was given to Brother from "Aunt" Cathy last year at Thanksgiving. It brings him so much happiness. He even asked me to take a picture of him... not quite what I was hoping for, but, nonetheless a blessing to have him want a picture taken by me.

And then there's the fact that I am another year older and I am still not in a mental institution... that's a blessing right there. (smile)

Below is a picture of me trying to look like the picture my mom drew for me to wish me "Happy Birthday!" when I came to her house for the big bash.

It's also a blessing to be able to be with my family for my birthday. Even my Uncle Jeff brought cheese cake... yummy. Oh and to keep with tradition, Brother blew out my candle for me, which very much surprised me. He hasn't done that for a while so I forgot all about it. Everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to me and when it was over I took a deep breath in and... Brother had already blown it out. It was so hilarious. What a blessing his sense of humor is!
 Cousins and friends are always a blessing.

Baby loves hanging out with her cousin LittleB, especially when it is in the secret tree house cubby in Sister's room.
friends who will come play games with me are always nice to have around

I mean, hello, see how happy I am... ?
Having my nephew Zac over to hold and take care of is a blessing for us because we miss having babies around this house.

I love watching what a blessing it is that Brother loves to be a big brother/cousin. He was so happy to hold Zac and feed him a bottle. I am so thankful that Brother enjoys that kind of interaction.

Speaking of Zac, he just had a blessing of his own. It was a baby blessing at church so that he will be officially on the records of the church and to be blessed with many other blessings in his life.

Not only was he blessed a few weeks ago, but, I was able to take some photos of him in his cute little blessing outfit. Awe!

It's been such a blessing to be with Zac as he reminds me so much of how Brother was as an infant. He was so happy and smiley and social with anyone who gave him attention. Oh my goodness he is cute! I can't hardly stand it!

It is such a blessing to be a photographer. I was having fun going around and taking pictures of everyone who came to my house for the luncheon after church. Oh, and that is something else we have been blessed with, a great home. I am so grateful for it and all who live around us.

 Everyone was having fun playing with the Magformers and getting pretty creative with them. I just had to take a few pictures of those. Tee hee!

I am so thankful for all the blessings in Our Life. We have many.

I just need to remember that more often...

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