Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ah... Utah!

Marc always says it's like we have beach front property, but in the mountains. (Oh, cute, he tries so hard to not miss the beach as much as he does.)

When you live in the mountains you sometimes get complacent about their grandeur and beauty.

We have made it a goal to hike, at least the trail that is 2 minutes from our house, each week. Hopefully that happens because our kids LOVED it!

The getting there was tough only because our closest friend, Anxiety showed up encouraging both Brother and Sister not to go. There was much weeping and dragging of feet (that's a pretty literal image as I carried my 13-year-old to the car screaming.

Then as soon as we got there it was as if heaven itself opened before their eyes. They were so happy and giddy and just wanted to take that trail all the way through the mountain. I was so happy seeing how great they did and how much they were enjoying it. It was also REALLY nice to get out into the rare sunshine.

Brother's feet aren't even touching the ground he was so happy to be galloping along the trail!

Two days later we had a visit from my sister, Jessie, and her family. The guys decided to take the older 5 kids on a hike on a different trail. It was pretty chilly that day so Jessie and I opted to stay home with Baby and get dinner ready for their arrival home.

I was so glad the took pictures. I love them all. I wish I would have gone just to see the view in person, but it was also fun to spend time with my sister.

Even though her face doesn't show it, she was having a great time!
And just look at those majestic, snow covered mountains!

On the summit (sort of) looking out at the valley

We really need to take advantage of where we live. We are pretty lucky to be here. I hope to have more pictures like these as the year goes on.

My next post I will be telling you all about our experience having Reid Robison come do research with our family. I am excited to see where this research goes here in Utah in bringing awareness of Fragile X Syndrome.

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