Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The changes I'm seeing...

are, in one word, miraculous!

Baby has been talking, and singing, and, tonight, she prayed!

Yep! Prayed!

OK... so when I say "pray" I mean it in the way that we know she means it...

here let me 'splain:

I had just come home from buying Brother his week supply of apples (which may only last 3 days) to my family gathered in our front room. Marc was on one side getting his Family Home Evening Lesson together and there were our 3 sweeties on the other side:

All three kids snuggled up under Sister's bed cover ready to learn from their dad.

We sang our opening songs, "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" and "Popcorn Popping." That, I thought, was going to be the highlighted "UP" of my day, listening to my girls singing so happily while Brother sang behind his iPod so we wouldn't know he was joining in.

But, then it came time for the opening prayer.

Now this part I think we owe to the good Primary Teachers Baby has, because as soon as we said it was time for prayer Baby popped up out of her spot in the middle of the tripod and came waddling over to snuggle next to me with her arms folded looking at me for support in saying her prayer.


That, I have to say, was one of the sweetest moments of my time in motherhood. She has been taught and been watching other children praying with the help of their teachers and she new that when it was time to say prayer that's what you did.

I proceeded to cuddle up to her and loudly whisper a few words at a time for her to say out loud. She was grinning from ear to ear looking around at her siblings and dad while quietly squeaking out what were supposed to be words but were mere mumblings in high-pitched tones. (I wonder if one of the girls in her class has a very sweet and soft spoken voice because it seemed she was imitating someone.) After "amen" Marc and I looked at each other with the biggest, heartwarming smiles. We were so touched by her ambition to say the prayer.

After our lesson, which was this:

We sang another song to close and then asked for any volunteers for closing prayer. We ALWAYS ask this question at each Family Home Evening and every dinner time, rarely Sister will volunteer, never Brother and we don't even expect it from Baby. But, just like opening prayer, Baby popped up from her place under the blanket and routinely came to cuddle by me and Marc to whisper-squeak the closing prayer.

I just couldn't go to bed tonight without documenting this moment in time.

I am so touched by the spirit our Baby brought into our home tonight that I would have to say "UP" may not even describe how I feel.

"BETTER" might be pretty close.

Oh, and P.S. if you ever want to know how wonderful your husband is, watch him lead a Family Home Evening. It's pretty sexy watching your sweet hubby teach your children about the gospel...

Just sayin' ...

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