Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For the Love of Blog!

I have found out that I love to blog.

I know, I know, this may be a shock to you all.

But, I really love it.

I keep trying to not spend much time blogging/writing so that I don't encroach on my time with my family, but I am realizing that blogging is part of what keeps me happy. I always knew that, but now I really know it. I get so happy to write things down so that I can see how wonderful my life is or even when it is not wonderful that I can laugh at it, AND when it is not wonderful or funny, I can vent, fall apart and be completely public about it! Ha!

Anyway, I am going to try to make the time to write more often.

When I was writing everyday about all my "UPS!" it was really fun to focus on  my life in such a positive way. So, if I have something to say, I am hoping that I will allow myself the time to say it here on my blog.

Notice how I am making no commitment because I don't want to pressure myself, but it will be my goal and knowing how happy it makes me I am hoping that it will be more often than not.


today, since I haven't written in a while, I have a few random things to post.

Sister LOVES Angry Birds. So the clothing is a must:
Oh, wow, that smile is a winner... Tee hee!

My brother, Daniel, is still a kid at heart (all of me and my siblings are) and he just got a new set of blocks to play with:
ya... amazing...

Sister wanted to show him the cool things she builds with her "blocks."
She just woke up so she's got a little morning look going on...
Sister also really likes to take pictures with me!

Brother got a new haircut and he didn't want me to take his picture but he was also so excited for me to send the picture of his new haircut to his Aunt Jessie, so this was his "meet in the middle of anxiety and excitement" face. Ah. I love that kid!

Baby has been talking like crazy! Seriously! I mean... SERIOUS!

Baby and Sister LOVE to take tubs together every night! They make me giggle because their favorite part is at the end of the tub, singing the "clean up" song when we put all their tub toys away! Sometimes I will just have gotten the tub filled when Baby announces "clean up!" Ah, it's the best. Sorry you don't get to see that but you get to see an up close picture of Baby's sweet bath face!

And, of course I didn't want my littler brother, Aaron to feel left out if I didn't show his talents off in this blog post so I finally put a video together of his fantastic dance moves!


OK. I feel better now.

Oh, crap, now I have to get the Valentines together for my kids tomorrow! Sheesh! See ya!!

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