Thursday, February 14, 2013

My heart is so full on a day like today...

I love celebrating love!

I see nothing wrong with having a holiday where we get to celebrate such a wonderful and beautiful gift such as love!

Love is something everyone knows regardless of whether we choose to accept or even see it.

I love the fact that on Valentines we celebrate loving everyone, not just a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, that we celebrate love of God, life, friends, family and all and anything in between.

I love sending my kids with Valentines to give to their friends, classmates and teachers.

My Valentine's isn't over yet, but I wanted to post about it now while I have chance because I want to make sure to devote this special time to my family.

I was so happy with how Brother and Sister's Valentine's turned out! It was a chore in and of itself just to get them to let me take their pictures. And to top it off it was really hard to try to explain the concept behind the idea. I was going to give up and at first when I saw the pictures I was disappointed that they weren't just like all the other cute ones I see out there, but then I got all excited because it is totally their personality. Especially Brother's. Ha! He is hiding his face and everything.

Aren't they adorable! And to top it all off, Marc stayed up with me until 11:00 putting them together! He punched the holes for me and helped put suckers in and cut them out. Boy, my husband is sexy!

I didn't put Baby's together because she has been sick all week and is still sick so I knew she wouldn't be going to school... Well, I did put a few together of hers but I haven't taken a picture of them yet.

Sister was up at 1:30 am this morning and never did go back to sleep! Why was she up? Oh, I am sure that the anxiety/anticipation of her school field trip to go bowling and the long anticipated Valentine's Day Party were the culprits. So I got a few winks (literally) in between her keeping busy on her iPod and crawling into bed next to me.

When I joined Marc at 6:45am in the kitchen before he was going to work I can in to see that he had written all of us Valentine's Cards on red hearts that he had cut out himself. I know, he just gets sexier! (I know, I know, get a room... )

Those 4 hearts are for me, Brother, Sister and Baby and that is Brother eating his pasta for breakfast.

Before Brother was up to eat breakfast, Baby had come into Brother's bed to snuggle up and help him wake up for school! Oh, how I love my snuggle bug!

This was Sister's Valentine's kiss for her Daddy! (smile)

And for me my Valentine's Day started off quite fantastically because I didn't have any reactions to the new medication I started on to help with the funk I have been in.

Not only did it already help me out, but I didn't not get the rash around my mouth like it said MIGHT happen as a reaction.

 Ya, I know, I can't believe I posted this picture either, but hey, I'm just keeping it real! This is the picture I sent to my mom and sister to let them know I was still alive...

I know, sounds dramatic, huh!

Have you ever read the warnings and side effects of medication you take? I usually try not to, but this particular med I started has a HUGE warning in bold on a page all by itself! Ya! That kind of makes you panic. And when the pharmacist has to tell you all about it, you get a little scared.

"This medication may cause a severe rash around the mouth and face that can also cause swelling of the throat and may cause suffocation, also known as Stevens Syndrome."

Ya! Ppppfffttthhh! Scared me!

But, I put trust in my doctor and went for it, but also told my mom, sister and Marc about it, just in case something tragic happened...

And I survived without a rash.

That picture above is not pretty, but it ain't full of red spots... OK, maybe it is, but that's not a rash... and I know my nose looks huge. There is this weird genetic thing in my family where all of us wake up with what I lovingly call the Morning Big Nose. Whatever, deal with it. Oh, and no those are not shadows under my eyes, that would be yesterday's mascara. Yes, those are huge bags under my eyes, remember, I've been up since 1:30.

So, as a recap of my day:
I am so happy that I am alive and well and have the opportunity to love my children and my husband!
I love love.
I am happy we have a holiday to be reminded of how wonderful it is and to make sure we share it.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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