Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One of those grateful days...

You know, sometimes it just feels good to sit back and think of all the things to be grateful for. I haven't done that much lately only because I have been spending so much time dwelling on how much sleep I am not getting, how overwhelmed I am with three children who have Fragile X, the money we don't have, the money we do have, projects looming around me that need to be done, etc., etc., etc...

But I just have to kick myself in the butt and say, "Rachael, knock it off and suck it up!"

That's the point I have to sit down at my blog and remember all the great things going on in my life.

Baby is talking more! Ya! Talking! It's like light went on for her and she is actually saying things that mean something instead of just repeating what we say. OK, so maybe it is mostly repeating, but, I think she is actually getting it, like lately she has been telling me, "You're funny." I love it. She says it to make us laugh. She also will tell me what color of popsicle she wants. She is mostly saying it just because she hears her sister say then she repeats it, but she is starting to say it on her own, like, "green, peach, orange, purple." It's awesome. My heart soars to hear her voice and how well she is starting to pronounce her words.

My sisters both showed up two days in a row just on a whim. They came to lift my spirits and see my kids.

Brother hung out at a friends house down the street practically all day and had a blast. The friends mom even fed him lunch and said her son was having a great time! Then the next day some friends had been out riding bikes with him and they stopped by to ask me if he could walk down to the local yogurt place for a treat. I am not sure how I looked when they asked because I was so excited that they wanted him to come along and Brother was standing behind them shyly waiting for my reply. He was so excited to be with friends. It makes me giddy with happiness that he is so accepted by his peers.

Sister has started to be able to swallow pills so it has become less of a hassle to get her meds in the morning and evening and that is a definite plus for me. She has also been singing a lot and making up a lot of her own songs that make Marc and I giggle. It's the best when she does it on long car rides.

And to top of my fantastic life, my neighborhood has set up respite care for me every week! They are volunteering their time to help me and my family! I will be able run errands, go grocery shopping, or just fall apart in my bedroom if that is what I need. I am so thankful to have some help.

So thankful.

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