Monday, August 27, 2012

Yucky. Yummy. Yucky.

So, we learn, over and over again (the hard way) that Sister can NEVER be left alone.


But, does the lesson stick?


But, sometimes we are just downright tired.

And when Sunday comes, we "sleep in" before getting ready for church. (I say "sleep in" because that means we wake up at 8:30 instead of 6:30. Church starts at 9:30 and you would be surprised that even with 3 hours to get everyone ready, we still don't make it on time.)

Sister wakes up.

We know this because she turns on the hall bathroom light.

Does her stuff.

Comes in with wet hands (if they aren't wet, we immediately instruct her to go back to wash her hands),  gets 3 inches from my face and stands there with her morning breath with a huge smile and waits for me to open my eyes and get all excited that she is awake. Then she'll ask for breakfast and a "woovie" which is a movie on Netflix from my laptop.

But, this particular morning I was just too tired to be a mom.

I just laid there while she tried to get me up.

I laid there as I watched her carry my laptop out my bedroom door.

I laid there as I hear the fridge opening, the silverware drawer close, things rattling and.... then I just dozed off.

When I woke it was high past time to get ready and I was a whirlwind of getting-ready-ness.

Then as I went to grab a banana I realized 2 of them were already gone.


Then I saw her face as she waited for me to see her creation.

She was so proud.

She even put it in a tupperware container (thank goodness).

I looked at it.

She was getting a little concerned, I could tell.

She didn't know if I would be proud of her creation or get upset that it took two bananas, two bottles of strawberry PediaSure, 4-5 slices of bread, a few cups of milk, a couple of eggs and flour... and I think a little bit of salt and pepper.

I put on my "better mom" hat and put on a big smile and said, "Wow! That looks awesome! What is it?"

"Banana pie!" she replied.

"Sweet! Let's take it to grandma's today for our dish to share!"

We forgot it.

So I took a picture of it so they could see what they missed out on:


Then, I know, I haven't posted anything on Brother and Sister starting back at school.

So, here is my first post that has to do with that.

I took pictures of them eating their breakfast of choice the first morning back to school.

Brother chose a hamburger paddy.

Sister chose waffles. (And don't think, even for a second, that I am cool. They are the frozen ones from Costco.)

The morning was even better because their daddy had made them "Going back to school" cards that were absolutely adorable. That is what is sitting by them at breakfast.

Brother's had a locker drawn on the front and Sister's had a yellow school bus.

I thought that was so sweet that Marc would do that.

He even made one for Baby that had a big heart and her name.

The kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. 7 am and they were bouncing around outside in the wind waiting for their busses. They take separate ones this year because they are at separate schools. I would have gotten pictures, but, honestly, I just wanted to enjoy the moment from a naked eye view instead of behind the camera so you will just have to imagine it along with me: grins from ear to ear, bodies shivering with excitement and wind chill, and squealing voices each time someone's bus went by, hoping it was theirs.

They really love school and Summer break is just too long for them. They have been ready for school to start since the day it got out.

It was fun sitting at our front picture window watching them be excited and happy for school. I sat there thinking how blessed we are to be in such a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by huge trees and mountains. I got excited as I looked out after Sister's bus left to see that there was a bright, red apple on one of our front yard trees. I ran out to pick it and had to pause to take a picture because it was peaceful and there were no kids trying to keep me from clicking away so I took one of my apple. I know, I took a picture of the apple and not my kids on their first day of school...


The apple was Mmmm. Delicious.

Til I hit the middle...

Darn worms.

This one died and started to mold, I guess. Mmmm. Yuck!

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Brittany said...

It was so fun looking out the window and seeing them out there so excited!