Monday, August 27, 2012

What Girls Find Funny

You know when a bunch of girls (which by "bunch" I mean more than 2) get together we get giggly, hyper, giddy, goofy, and a little bit childish.

We get together and do things like we used to when we were younger.

Why is this?

Maybe it's just me when I get together with my sisters, my mom, my aunts, my friends or whomever but this is always how it ends up: laughing so hard I either cry or pee my pants. And it is usually peeing my pants. (And any woman out there reading this who has had a child will completely understand the reality and humor in that.) Thank goodness I am too decrepit to jump on a trampoline anymore or I'd be having my own water party... anyway... back to the subject at hand.

My mom, my sister, Kirsten, and I were off to a shower for our cousin. We were so excited to see them and we were so excited to be together without the kids.


We headed out and on our way.

Shortly after leaving, we realized we did not have the address to where this shower was. We figured we would be able to get a hold of someone that had the address within that 35 minute drive...



We finally parked in a random parking lot so that we could wait for a reply from some one instead of just driving around wasting gas.

We sat in the car.

Arguing, a little, on what we should do.

Thinking, a little, on what else we should do.

But, we hadn't prayed yet.


When my mom suggested praying I about fell over.

"Are you serious? Do you want us to pray for the address to just magically pop into our heads? That's ridiculous."

She assured my over-active anxiety that, "no, just that someone will call us that we have tried to get a hold of or something."


So we bowed our heads in the car in the parking lot.

My mom started the prayer.

Then she started to giggle.

Then we all started to giggle.

Then my mom could hardly get through the prayer because we kept giggling at what a silly thing we were asking in a prayer.


We stopped giggling. Stopped praying. Stopped laughing.

Could this be it?

For a moment we thought it would be a scene like from a movie.

But, nope.

It was my husband.

Calling to see if we found the address yet.

OK, so long story short we finally got the address.

Went to the shower.

Had a great time.

We talked, ate, sang, ate some more, talked more and just really had good time seeing family.

Then we were on our way.

We were still a little bit giggly so when I saw this crazy looking motorcyclist ahead I just had to speed up so we could catch up and get a picture. We were finally able to catch up to him and I handed my phone to Mom to take the picture. She panicked and almost dropped the camera when he turned to look at her. That was funny. But, then finding out afterward she actually got a shot off before fumbling in the end zone, was the best part.

And, yep, those are rams horns on his helmet.

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Mariah said...

Oh Oh Rachael - you just have to email me that picture! My dad (or Mom) needs that helmet!