Monday, August 13, 2012

The light bulb just went on...

I am so excited to report that Baby is talking in short sentences!


And they are all things she has heard me, Marc, Brother or Sister say and she says it exactly the same way we do but it means something and is not just jabber.

Real words and requests like:

"Mommy, Look"

"You're funny"

"What's this"

"Where's Mommy? She's coming back?"

"Where's [insert name of preference here]? She's/He's gone?"

She understands what I am saying, like "let me help you," "let's go take a nap," do you want milk," "let's go to bed," or "get in the car."

This is so huge that she is understanding us.




It is so amazing to finally have your almost-three-year-old be able to understand that you are trying to help her with something instead of freaking out that her world is over.

It is so neat to really hear her voice and all the cute little inflections she puts into her phrasing.

She is starting to do what you hear so many other Fragile X children do and that is mimicking. They are amazing mimics. It is quite a fun little talent to watch a lot of them do, actually. In fact you should watch this cute little video on the National Fragile X site "Fragile X got Talent." (Brother has a little spot in it, and there are so many amazing talents in there. I love to see that our kids can succeed.

I try really hard, though, to just be excited that Baby is talking and not worry that much of her talking it actually echolalia.

You have to look on the bright side of the X.

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