Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stop-animation in Real Life

I just need a lighter note today...

So here is a quick clip of Sister with her friends and Baby playing in the back yard. It made me giggle.

And here are some stills that you can concentrate on that are just my faves from the fun:
They were trying to run and hide from the camera, this just made for more fun shots

Sister's look is just priceless in this one. She was having SO much fun!

This one too. Tee hee!

Ya, JJ's cute in this one but I posted this one because I think that Sister is a little shocked that she is spraying herself in the face... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! She is so funny! 

I love Baby in this one! She was having SO much fun with them!!!
After seeing how hard I laughed at her in the photo above she kept spraying herself to make me laugh.

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Brittany said...

Love it!! What a blast :)