Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sister's Birthday Party 2 of 2

Finally after 5 months of complete-and-total-melt-down-never-ending anticipation, Sister finally had her official Birthday Party. She has been talking about her birthday everyday since March and was relentless in her pursuit.

You could say we were both relieved that we were finally to that wonderful day!

She wanted a LEGO party so we set to Pinterest and saw some ideas I thought I could handle and we chose to do a LEGO pinata, a LEGO cake, color LEGO pictures and play a LEGO game. So, really, we kept it VERY simple. Really, I have to keep it simple because as much as she thinks she wants to have a big to-do, I know that she will fall apart if it is too big.

So we colored while we waited for people to come.

Then we played a building game where they took turns unwrapping packages of LEGOS and had 10 seconds each to add to the building.

Then we broke the pinata.

Then we opened presents.

And last we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake and ice cream.

Simple, right.

It lasted a total of an hour.

She was so happy and having so much fun, but I could see the tell-tell signs of her becoming over-stimulated.

And, yes, she was.

After it was all over she completely melted down and it was a long day trying to get her back into the regular groove.

Am I sad that we had a party for her.

Heck no!

She loved it in the moments of it and I LOVED seeing her pure joy as her friends showed up to have fun. She was so thrilled with each gift I seriously could have bottled up her overflowing joy and sold it!

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