Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California Girls and a Boy

So our 3 nieces (who we'll call Bree, Zee and Eddy) and nephew (Champ) came to visit us from California and we had a great time! The second night they were here they slept over at our house and we had so much fun.

Bryan came over too so he could also see them and he was helping to keep Baby busy while we all had fun out front.

Baby wasn't too excited about the shoulder ride, but Bryan was going to try his best to keep her out of trouble.

After a few minutes of him trying Baby started a death grip on his hair and I just happened to get a shot at the right moment to capture the terror on both of their faces. Bwa ha ha! Oh man, I just can't stop laughing at this picture!

The kids all wanted to ride bikes so we pulled out all we had and they just rode around.

Then Bree and Junior had fun with the bike extension that we usually utilize for Sister. We got quite a kick out Bree's long legs on the tiny extension and when she decided to pull him behind, well, that was just funny!

They also played basket ball with the neighbors, talked, rode on Brother's 4-wheeler, and played on the swingset. Then we all had some popsicles together before Grandpa, Bryan and Junior left.

Then we all settled down to a movie and some home made kettle corn and popcorn.

It was so fun to talk to all of them. I haven't seen them since last summer and it was great to talk with them and just enjoy their personalities. Bree and Eddy are so grown up it faked me out. It was so fun to watch Brother's interactions with all of them. He idolizes them and was at his happiest when they were around.

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