Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sister's Birthday Party 1 of 2

So Sister is now 7 years old! Because her cousins were here we had a birthday party with the family a little early so that her cousins could join in on the celebration.

Sister was so excited about having a birthday party she could hardly handle it. I love her excitement. It is so contagious. She was so grateful and happy with each gift she opened and really had a good time. We even got to sing happy birthday to her! She was a bit nervous but she made it through. She wanted us to sing so I didn't want to disappoint her.

you can see her nervousness,  top middle

After she blew out the candles everyone got to frost and decorate their own cupcake. Baby really enjoyed the frosting and, I think, Melly wanted in on the fun.

After the festivities I took some pictures of all the grandkids that were there.

Grandpa Gary got all the "behind the scenes" shots for me

You'll notice one extra little person, he wasn't there and Lynne and Gary wanted a complete photo of the grandkids, so with a texted photo from the parents we got our little Bear in.

This one is definitely my favorite, Bryan's face adds to the whole candidness of it.

Then the games began and we had a LOT of fun altogether playing frisbee, jumprope, tug-o-war and a bunch of other great activities. Good memories were made!

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