Monday, July 30, 2012

Home is Where the Fun Is

I am telling you! No matter what we are doing or who we are with we just have to have fun!

With my brother, Daniel, here for a month before going out of state again for work we partied it up as often as possible. The holidays were definitely the biggest!

But, I am so glad that we have such a fun home! We love our back yard full of shade, swings, wagons, picnic tables and company!





This next collage needs some explaining. As I have said, our home is a place for fun, therefore children of all ages play with all the Barbie Dolls we have around here. Most of them end up without clothes because of the sensory issues of my kids, but there is one particular Ken doll that just lost his head one day. I threw the headless body away. Then days later I found the head under the porch and threw that away. For whatever reason someone keeps pulling it out of the garbage and it ends up just kicking around (literally). The left of the collage is Brother throwing the head off the porch and below that is Jman laughing about it while his dad holds it up for the large shot. Apparently we had a mermaid doll who lost her fins... we call this guy Aquaman and giggled at the way he might swim under water. Maybe we should call him Bob, perhaps, or Fin. Anyway, it was really funny when we were there. Hope you at least chuckled mildly.

This firework (below) has history in our family. It was of our favorites... I don't know why. We laughed so hard when it went off.

It was a dinky little fizz...



Man, we laughed so hard. Glad I got a picture of each stage... Brother was pretty excited about it. In fact, I think that little tower is still kickin' around in our back yard.




We took so many pictures of us spinning glow necklaces because we were having so much fun.

We made some great memories that night, not only for the fun, but the haphazards we all survived like the rocket that almost went through our front door, the firework that landed on our neighbors roof or the one that tipped on top of the ladder and shot out into the audience twice and then across the street into the other yard. (Note to all: fountains work great on a ladder, multiple-shot fireworks do NOT.)

We had so many laughs and popcorn as we finished out the night with fireworks.

Home IS where the fun is, and I hope that, here, everyone feels at home.

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Aaron said...

Love it! We do feel at home at your place, and we always have a ton of fun too! Thanks for capturing all those great memories! We will have to get copies of those pictures. :)
- Chelsea