Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July PIctures Part 2

Ya, I know it's blurry... but Daniel's look was totally priceless...

The infamous chicken. This one laid some firecrackers!

I had to laugh when I caught Berry sticking her tongue out at Jeremy for teasing her about the did he.

Berry was a "little" scared of the sparklers but Sister wanted to make sure she got over her fears.

Good thing Daniel came all the way out from Florida to run our neighborhood fireworks show.
(Marc was on call and got called out just before we started the party.)

Aw, mom and dad sharing their flame.

The only one I got of Brother with his sparkler.

Popo was having a good time and I just couldn't resist taking his pictures.
I love the smoke in this last one. It looks like he is holding a pair of masquerade spectacles.

My mom got a little excited about the crowd and the fireworks... this is her happy dance.

I am still learning photography and was having fun experimenting with the fireworks.

Hope you had as great of a Holiday as I did!

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Lara said...

Looks like fun!